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A new report has revealed that two top accessories customers purchase for their iPhones are cases and screen protectors. Apple has a very limited offering for the former and still doesn’t produce the latter. With this, focusing on such accessories could mean a huge business opportunity for the giant.

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shared the details this week, revealing the accessories iPhone users buy the most. One includes warranties (31%), which is pretty common in many iPhone owners trying to prevent bigger expenses in case their units experience damage.

Smartwatches (42%), wireless headsets (37%), speakers (24%), and wired headsets (16%) entered the list. Apple is offering them, especially the Apple Watch, which is also reportedly having an ownership growth, which should mean that the company must be making a fortune in them. However, it is important to note that the figures are not limited to Apple-branded accessories, which brings us to this part:

The smartphone cases and screen protector.

Apple is already offering cases for iPhones, even leading to the creation of the FineWoven cases, which, unfortunately, was welcomed by many negatively. The iPhone maker offers silicone and clear versions of cases as an alternative for those who don’t find the FineWoven pleasing, but these options are still pretty limited, leading other iPhone users to opt for other third-party branded cases.

And speaking of limited, the company isn’t even offering its own screen protector. There are third-party options on its website and other platforms, but tapping this section could be beneficial for Apple.

According to CIRP data, 68% of users purchase smartphone cases for their iPhones, while 61% buy screen protector. Needless to say, taking advantage of this demand could be lucrative for Apple, especially with a customer base willing to spend additional dollars to protect their premium smartphones.

Of course, as CIRP noted, the idea of putting a screen protector and case on an iPhone sounds ironic since Apple has always been trying to make its units tougher. Yet, the point is a sleeping section of business just waiting for Apple to tap.

So, should Apple produce more case options and start making its own protective cases?

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