9 Best Games To Play During Quarantine

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Quarantine is not a fun time for everyone, the last thing anyone wants to do is be stuck inside all day by themselves. Of course, you can still spend time inside your home but this could be frustrating. There’s plenty of things you can do aside from watching Netflix. This is the opportunity to relive your favorite Video Games.

Here is the list of 9 mobile games both multiplayer and Solo for Android and iOS that will make the hours go by.

Marvel Superwar

Available on: Android, iOS

Marvel super war is a Multiplayer action game that challenges you to participate in 5v5 real-time battles with characters from the marvel universe. A super fun dynamic and eye-popping multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that’s similar to “Arena of Valor” or “Mobile Legends” except this time you get to enjoy as your favorite heroes such as HULK, THUNDER, THOR, BLACK WIDOW or choose from the huge cast of superheroes or villains.

The experience of playing this game is way more interesting and fascinating if you are familiar with the genre. Since this is a MOBA and in every sense of the word, your objective here is to battle against other players, demolish their base and be there to safeguard your own. Show your strength, battle it out with simple controls and special attack combinations. The stage is yours!

Pocket Tanks (Mobile edition)

Available on: Android, iOS

Wanna re-embrace your good childhood days, then “pocket tanks” is the game that should be in your quarantine list. This fast-paced artillery game is simple to learn and fun to master, a perfect quick game for your peeps and fam. So addictive that you’ll be hooked for hours. Dig a grave for your antagonists or bombard them with a barrage of bullets. Experience the thrill of launching deadly canons across the battlefield. Select your gradient, power, and SHOOT!


Available on: Android, iOS

An epic blockbuster single-player RPG that immerses you in a compelling story accompanied by alluring acoustics and staggering atmosphere. Hell lot of quests to achieve and your journey will be rewarded with legendary and mythical items. You may be compelled to go through tough battles with a variety of mythical creatures and other rival heads from a technical standpoint to attain all those rewards. The game graphics are decent, the lighting in dark effects makes this game more amazing, unique and hard to put down. This game is worth your shot. 

Alto’s Odyssey

Available on: Android, iOS

There’s something playfully mesmeric about Altos Odyssey, and it’s very best when you’re flowing through its dunes and ruins. There’s a sense of connection that few other games on the app store can manage to foster. It’s really difficult to complain that you’re spending too much time on it. Discover the ENDLESS DESERT. If you have not played it yet, this should be on the top of your list while you are in quarantine.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, Ma

Being a bard is boring as hell. That’s why this guy takes it to a whole new level. Meet Brad, who has enough of the town’s annoying raiders and enemies that he decided to make an army of his own. Be a badass Bardbarian in its bombastic battle bombshells. Use your magical axe-lute to summon waves after waves of friends.

Breakout-Dark prison

Available on: Android, iOS

After an unknown virus outbreak devastates the earth, Humanity is plunged into chaos. Your daughter found out to have immunity in her DNA. A group of mercenaries called Apostles have kidnapped her and taken to the most dangerous place of the planet “The Dark prison” with no weapons you’ve got to face the deadly monster zombies and bandits. The controls are relatively simple. The movement of the virtual stick is located on the left side of the screen and the action buttons are to the right overall. A high graphics quality game..

X Survive

Available on: Android, iOS

Imagine that you’re inside a modern spaceship and you crash on a remote island, this is the premise in the game. A super action and adventure game that challenges you to control the character that’s trying to survive in this secluded area. The game includes a map that you can check to locate the objects that you need to collect. On the other hand, you’ll only have a backpack available where you can keep all your tools that you’ll want to use at some point. You’ll collect elements that can help you build structures, dig caves and create defence mechanisms.

Sky: Children of the light

Available on: Android, iOS

This is a multiplayer game with many RPG elements. Here you’ll join the sacred group of the children of light who’s blessed with the amazing powers that they can use to help the world. During your journey, you’ll have the chance to use your flying abilities to discover the massive lands in the game. Travel to varied locations and experience unique stories, meet up with new characters and advance your stories.

SimLife – Life simulator tycoon

Available on: Android, iOS

Become a tycoon before your character dies at 100 years old. This is a life simulator game that you could challenge yourself from zero to a hero tycoon president in a limited time and enjoy this life simulation. This is the best simulation game ever. There’s no way of getting back once you start playing. A MUCH ADDICTING GAME.


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