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The video gaming industry in Germany has been around for decades, but it has expanded at a breakneck pace in recent years. It has witnessed substantial expansion due to the fact that Germans play games of a range of genres. The video games market in Germany is the largest in all of Europe. Due to the evolution in tech and the internet, the world of video games has expanded greatly.

Video game players may now compete alone, with others, or in teams regardless of their location. A closer look into the German gaming industry shows that gambling on video games is becoming a norm for college students. You can check out for information on Gamblizard; there, you can read more about casino bonuses and online casinos for these games. From research, you will also find out that different age groups in Germany have distinct preferences when it comes to video gaming. In this article, we will review the state of gambling in video games.

Video Gaming in Germany

The broad use of technology had an impact on the video game market in Germany, resulting in the creation of new businesses as well as expanded gaming options for end users. Bettors in Germany gravitate towards video game gambling due to the country’s well-known reputation as a nation of people who enjoy gambling on video games. With the current situation regarding video gaming in the country, you can anticipate continuous growth for the German video gaming sector in the near future. This is so given that the video games market in Germany is becoming increasingly competitive.

Mobile devices are the most popular gaming platforms in Germany, with in-game purchases becoming the primary source of revenue for developers. In the German market, the online casino industry is gradually being dominated by mobile gaming. Carrying out research will help you understand that the greatest player base is found in the mobile gaming sector. Several gamers play on their personal computers and consoles, while some play just on consoles.

There are now millions of gamers in Germany who play video games at video game gambling sites using their smartphones or tablets. Several people in Germany play video games both frequently and occasionally. In 2019, according to video games stats in Germany, the video games market played on personal computers is the second biggest, followed by gaming consoles. Strategy, action, adventure, simulation, racing, and sports games are among the most popular genres of gambling video games.

Esports Betting in Germany

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of esports competitions held in Germany. These competitions include the Dota 2 Berlin Major. It is important to point out that in Germany, they have yearly events such as ESL One, which results in the generation of millions of dollars in earnings. The most prominent is ESL which is included in the MTG group. Since they organize both online and physical competitions, they are considered a leader in Germany as well as in other countries. In addition, they collaborate closely with some other companies, including DreamHack, and Intel Extreme Masters.

The most popular games for eSports enthusiasts in Germany are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Germans do not lag in the esports betting area as they have established some of the most well-known centers for eSports competitions, including DreamHack, ESL Hamburg, and ESL Frankfurt. All of these competitions are currently considered to be the most well-attended eSports events in Europe. The presence of esports has greatly increased gambling video games in Germany.

When compared to other markets, the market for betting on esports in Germany is quite large. At a closer look, you will see that there are several markets on which you can place a wager. These markets are not limited to the winner of the event, the player with the most deaths, the winner of the gun round, the winning team, and the extended bet. The good news for those in Germany interested in betting on esports is that they may participate legally in esports at video game gambling sites in Germany.


There has been a significant expansion in video game gambling in Germany over the past several years. Various software developers are bringing forth new games year after year. Thus, the market keeps growing. Gambling video games not only serve as a means of entertainment but also drives profitability in the gambling market. Thus, in the coming years, more growth is expected concerning gambling on video games alongside the increase in video game gambling sites.

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