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Google has introduced new features to Chrome for iOS as the search giant continues to lure Apple users to embrace the browser as their default choice. In a recent blog this Wednesday, the company details the new mobile features meant to allow users “quickly find information.”

This followed another update in June when Google added the Lens function in its browser, which iOS users formerly had to access via the separate Google app. Other features introduced by Google at that time included the built-in “mini Google Maps” in the browser, the “Add to Google Calendar” option for AI-detected dates, and an option to translate only the highlighted texts on Chrome instead of the whole page.

Now, the company has another batch of features to bring to iOS users. According to a Chrome product manager, Nick Kim Sexton, this will start with the suggestions when users click the Chrome address bar.

“When you’re on an eligible site in Chrome on iOS or Android and click on the Chrome address bar, you’ll now see relevant search suggestions,” Sexton writes. “Let’s say you’re reading an article about Japan as you plan for an upcoming trip. When you click on the address bar, you’ll see a new section labeled ‘Related to this page’ with suggestions for other searches — like local restaurants or tourist attractions in Japan.”

Sexton notes that the company has also increased the number of suggestions when users type in the Chrome address bar on their iPhones. From the former six items, iOS users should now see a total of 10 recommendations, with the most relevant suggestions at the top.

Meanwhile, the company promises to bring “trending searches” to iOS users later this year. The idea is simple: by tapping the Chrom address bar and without typing anything, users should see the trending searches, and tapping them will open all relevant results.

What do you think of these new features? Will they be enough to convince iOS users to choose Chrome as their default browser? Let us know in the comment section!


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