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Apple is silently testing macOS’ Game Mode in iOS. It is currently unofficial, but it is a strong indication that the Cupertino company is considering to better improve the gaming side of its handheld devices. 

The feature is one of the most awaited additions to macOS. According to Apple, it should allow an optimized gaming experience through smoother and more consistent frame rates. The company says this will be possible by giving games the highest priority on the CPU and GPU when the mode is enabled. This means the system will make necessary adjustments, allowing a boost for the game performance of the Mac. Well, here’s the good news: there’s a possibility you could soon access this on your iPhone or iPad.

Folks at 9To5Mac said they spotted some evidence that might suggest the feature is now being tested on iOS. According to the report, some of the same frameworks for controlling Game Mode in macOS Sonoma are now in iOS 17 Beta 4. It’s part of the changes in the system’s code, making the new beta more interesting.

It is something that could excite any iPhone fans, especially with the rumored internal improvements coming in iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 lines. By bringing the feature to its iPhones, Apple could further improve the image of its handhelds as gaming devices.

On a side note, this new discovery doesn’t ensure that we will get the feature on iPhones or iPads in the future. Just like in the past, there’s still a chance that a move like this will remain in testing and won’t be released officially to the public.


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