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Apple’s next big update contains a lot of huge features and improvements for different sections of iOS. It will also deliver some changes across the system, which includes your iPhone’s calling screen. Specifically, Apple plans to rearrange the calling screen of iOS, putting the End Call button in a new place alongside other buttons. While this seems insignificant, it could be a huge change for many long-time iOS users already used to the conventional arrangement of the calling screen.

The change is included in the iOS 17 beta, which developers and public testers are now trying. Once implemented, however, this should push many iOS users to adjust to a new calling screen for their device.

Currently, iOS 16 features six buttons (Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Add Call, FaceTime, and Contacts) in a 2X3 layout, with the End Call button placed in the middle of the lower part of the screen. This translates to seven buttons, but Apple wants to reduce it to six in iOS 17. It will result in the End Call button being removed from its original place, joining the five other buttons in the usual 2X3 layout. With all this, your iOS 17 call screen should only now give you six buttons in the following order: Speaker, FaceTime, Mute, Add, Keypad, and End.

It means iOS users will have whole new rearranged call screen buttons, which might to a challenge for some. With the new arrangement, some users might need to adjust their muscle memory, especially in tapping the End Call button, which will be placed in a new position. The same applies to other controls on the screen.

And while this seems bad news, there’s still hope that Apple will reconsider this change before the release of the final iOS 17 version in September. After all, Apple is known to do it in the past, so this might happen again in iOS 17.

Nonetheless, what do you think of this change? Let us know in the comment section!


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