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iOS 17 will bring different features and improvements to the iPhone system soon. And while it is still in its beta stage, we already have a glimpse of the major changes we will get in September as part of its public release. One of them includes the new face of Apple Music, which early testers find impressive.

I haven’t seen anyone talking about how good the music player looks in iOS 17.
by u/Joshsawr in iphone

The look of iOS 17’s Apple Music is far from the current one in iOS 16. This change will be easily spotted in the album art of the interface, which is currently shown in a conventional square box. In iOS 17, Apple is extending the art to the entire screen of the iPhone device. It will also cover the portion where the control buttons are located, making the appearance of the music player more visually pleasing and seamlessly smooth from top to bottom. However, note that this will only apply to albums that support the animated artwork.

This is how the album artworks appear in the current beta of the iOS 17 update.

Aside from Apple Music’s player UI, other parts of the app also get some improvements, including the minimized mode. Compared to iOS 16, where the minimized player is directly attached to the Apple Music interface, iOS 17 will bring you a floating minimized player with the usual play/pause and skip buttons.

Apple’s other works for Apple Music can be found in the new functions you can use. One of them includes the handy Crossfade feature, which gives you the ability to set a smooth transition between songs. Beta 1 testers reported that the initial test of the feature was problematic as activating it would crash the Settings app, but it should now work well in the Beta 2 of iOS 17.

Another addition in Apple Music you can expect at the end of 2023 is the Collaborative Playlist feature. In a nutshell, the idea is to allow you to add (or remove) people in a group for your playlists. Once added, they can react to the songs in the playlist and add or remove items, hence some sort of collaboration among Apple Music users. Speaking of collaboration, Apple is extending the concept to CarPlay. In iOS 17, everyone in the car can finally add songs to the current playlist via SharePlay.

Other improvements in Apple Music include better and more legible fonts for unsynced lyrics. Dolby Atmos support is also arriving on AirPlay, ensuring high-fidelity audio streaming. In the images shared by Apple, you can also spot a new star button in the music player. It is not yet available in beta update, but it is rumored to be a way to conveniently mark an artist in the current song playing as your favorite.


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