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After the release of the iPhone 15 series, complaints about the new phones have started to surface online. One of the issues reported by many points to the temperature of the units (especially the iPhone 15 Pro Max), which reportedly could reach up to 116F.

One of the first to spot the issue was Chinese content creator Geekerwan, who shared that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could overheat and experience significant thermal throttles during intensive tasks such as gaming. Now, other review outlets and users are affirming the experience. One user on Reddit shared:

Same here. 15PM rear upper right area was hitting 117F, front screen at 110F for an hour while setting up from an iCloud backup. Decided to do a fresh device setup, and played around with the phone with no new apps/email setup setup, switching between YouTube videos and browsing safari with 5 tabs at most. Wasn’t syncing any photos/files, etc.. rear temps hitting 113F still… it’s not about the numbers, it’s the user experience and comfort using the phone doing basic tasks. It’s hot to the touch. Have setup a Genius Bar appointment to get this replaced. Hope it’s just my unit, but seeing so many similar experiences online.

Others also backed up the claims but noted that such an issue occurs only when setting up the device. Other users, however, pointed out that their units still experienced the same problem when handling other demanding tasks, including 4K recording and playing games in maximum settings. YouTube channel Rjey Tech confirmed the former, saying shooting in LOG format and editing it via iPhone’s video editor caused “insanely hot” temperatures. The review then stressed that the issue could be originating from the nature of the titanium frame and the A17 Pro chip’s performance. 

On the other hand, a few reports shared that the problem also manifested even during simple charging activities or light app usage.

Meanwhile, others suggested that the issue is caused by the data transfer bug now affecting all iPhone 15 models. One user on Reddit recommended in a recent thread:

Make sure you did the 17.0.2 update right away, fixed some data related issues.

Otherwise it’s not unusual during first few days for the phone to have a lot of background activity happening. Restoring files, syncing photos/data, etc.

I set my phone up as new rather than restoring from backup and have had no heat issues so far. If you’re not getting a heat warning use it as usual for a few days and see if it gets better. Otherwise I’d suggest resetting and setup as new.

It is still unconfirmed whether the update indeed prevents such a problem, but we will update this article once Apple comments on the matter.

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