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A new report indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will still start with a 128GB option despite the rumored price increase it will get. With this, it might mean that the hike will only cover the upgrades for the battery, titanium frame, and, most of all, the unit’s camera system.

TrendForce analysts (via 9To5Mac) have shared the new details in a research note, divulging other interesting information about the new Pro models in the iPhone 15 series. The report contradicts previous rumors claiming the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be offered in 2TB. It says that Apple will only provide a max of 1TB, while the RAM of the Pro models will be bumped to 8GB, a 2GB increase from the current offering of the iPhone 14 Pro.

On the other hand, the report says that only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will get the $100 increase, leaving the iPhone 15 Pro at the same price as its predecessor. If true, this will be good news as most previous reports claimed both the Pro and Pro Max models will experience the hike.


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