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Microsoft has finally confirmed its intention to bring ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat to other browsers besides Edge. That includes Safari and Chrome, with the company saying it will make it available both in web and mobile form.

The plan was first discovered by users who spotted the Bing Chat availability on other browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. In July, the software giant confirmed the test on “select users.” And this week, as Microsoft celebrates the sixth month of the AI arrival on Edge and Bing, it says it will soon bring the AI chatbot to other browsers options.

“With so many new, useful features now a part of Bing, we’re excited to announce you can start experiencing the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile soon,” Microsoft promises in a new blog post. “This next step in the journey allows Bing to showcase the incredible value of summarized answers, image creation and more, to a broader array of people. You’ll get most of the great benefits of Bing and we’ll continue to optimize along the way to meet your needs across different browsers.”

It should be a surprise for many since Bing Chat was initially launched with a huge limitation, with Microsoft only allowing its use via Edge. This pushed curious users to embrace Edge, resulting in an increase in Edge and Bing app downloads during the first few months of the test. Nonetheless, with more competitors trying to introduce their own AI creations, it seems Microsoft has finally realized that the only way to win the AI war is to bring its entry to other platforms, hence its latest decision to make it available on other browsers.

On a side note, while Bing is already expected to arrive in other browsers, Microsoft stresses in the blog that it is still recommended to use Edge. “While these experiences work well in your preferred browser, for the best-in-class Bing Chat experience, we continue to encourage you to use Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser,” the company underscores. “With Edge, you’ll unlock longer conversations, chat history, and more Bing features built right into the browser. To experience the best browser for Bing, and get the full breadth of features, simply open the Microsoft Edge browser and click the Bing Chat icon in the sidebar.”

It confirms several tester’s observations that Bing Chat’s features on other browsers will be limited. To recall, some claim that you might not be able to access certain features and capabilities of the chatbot using Chrome or Safari browsers. That includes the chat limit turn per conversation before you are required to refresh the chat page. The character count is also reportedly lower in other browsers.

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