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A render of the expected external layout of the iPhone 15 model has been recently shared online. According to the post, the box this year will show the front part of the unit. However, looking back at the custom in the iPhone packaging design every year, this leak should be taken with a grain of salt.

The image was posted by leaker @chandlerbongzz on X, showing the usual white box of Apple for its iPhone creations. On top, an image of what is possibly the iPhone 15 Pro Max model can be seen. Unlike the current design in the box packaging of the iPhone 14 lineup with shades of purple and blue, the iPhone 15 screen printed in the render only shows black in general, with some curves illuminated to form an S-shape on the screen.

However, the wallpaper is not the biggest highlight of the package design: It is the position of the iPhone unit printed on the box. To recall, Apple has a pattern in what it will print in the package box. It’s either the front or back shot of the iPhone unit, and it does this by alternating between the two every year. And given that the company showed the front side of the iPhone 14, the package is expected to feature the back of the iPhone 15 this year.

While the above tradition somehow invalidates the idea of the render, it is important to note that the render was produced through the illustrations and descriptions of some leakers and courses from different platforms, including X and Weibo. Moreover, there is also a chance that Apple might break this tradition this year, especially now that it is reportedly exploring a lot of new elements in the release of its next iPhone lineup. That includes the new colored and braided USB-C cables, the replacement of the leather iPhone case, and more.

On the other hand, a recent report claimed that Apple would also have to make some significant changes in the internal layout of its iPhone 15 packaging due to the new USB-C cable it would introduce. Last week, Apple device collector @KosutamiSan said Apple will employ a new internal package layout to adjust for the new woven charging cable, which will be “harder and longer.” The account then shared an image of a blue braided cable, which now seemed to be harder to fold for storage, justifying the claim about the packaging.


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