[FIXED] PS4 Controller Won’t Turn On

PS4 Controller Won't Turn On
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Is your PS4 Controller not turning on? There could be myriad reasons why your PS4 Controller has decided to go on a strike and just not turn on. If you’ve been facing this issue, this is just the post for you. Below, we will take you through the reasons and the solutions to fix your PS4 Controller, and help you turn it back on, and get back to playing your favorite games.

Why won’t the PS4 Controller Turn On?

Before we move to looking at solutions as to why your PS4 Controller won’t turn on, it is equally important to understand the reasons behind it:

The Controller is not charged

The first and the most obvious reason why the PS4 Controller won’t turn on is that it is drained of power. If you have been using your PS4 Controller for extended periods without charging it, it will eventually turn off and not turn on until you charge it. The battery of a PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller lasts 4 to 8 hours.

To know if your PS4 Controller is charged or not, turn on your PS4 console (or keep it in rest mode), and connect your PS4 Controller to the console using a USB cable. When you tap on the PlayStation button on the Controller, the charge level of the battery will appear on the screen. 

If you’re charging your Controller in the rest mode of the console, the light bar will blink orange on the Controller, indicating it is getting charged.

A firmware glitch

It is possible that your PS4 Controller won’t turn on because it has incurred a firmware glitch. Firmware glitches are more common than you think, but these are typically minor ones, and all you need to do is reset your Controller to get rid of the glitch.

Damaged USB port or cable

If you’ve already tried charging your PS4 Controller, and it still won’t turn on, the chances are that it is not getting charged in the first place. Now, the culprit behind this could be a damaged USB port in which you are plugging the cable to charge your Controller. It is equally possible that it is a damaged or defective USB cable that is not allowing the charging to occur in the first place.

It is also a fair possibility that the problem lies in the charging port of your Controller. The charging port is on the front end of the body of the Controller; if you notice any signs of damage to it, that could be what is preventing the Controller from taking charge.

Damage caused to the Controller

If the Controller is used to frequent aggression from your end when a game does not end your way, or if it recently fell off an elevated place, it could be damaged. A damaged controller is highly vulnerable to hardware issues, which translates to it not turning on.

Dirt and debris on the board surface

This is one possibility you can rule out if you always tend to keep your PS4 Controller in a pristine condition. However, if the Controller is left unattended for too long out in the open, it may collect dirt and debris. Fine dust particles may accumulate on the board surface of the Controller, preventing it from turning on.

Worn out battery

PS4 controllers have a lithium-ion battery, which means they have a certain duration of longevity. Depending on how you use it and how long you use it, the Controller’s battery can be subject to wearing sooner than later.

Although the DUALSHOCK lasts an average of 5 years (if you don’t damage the circuitry inside), the battery could be worn out sooner if you use it while it’s charging (you get the hint). Whatever the case, if you have a worn-out battery, your PS4 Controller just won’t turn on.


How to fix PS4 Controller Won’t Turn On?

Below we’ve discussed the 8 solutions to help you fix your Controller and getting it to turn on:

Solution 1: Charge your PS4 Controller

It is the obvious solution, isn’t it? Now, this may sound like beginner’s play if you’re sure your Controller is charged and it still won’t turn on. However, people who recently got their hands on a PS4 set may find it daunting if their PS4 Controller won’t turn on when the reason could be as simple as a drained-out battery. Here is how you can charge the PS4 Controller:

  • Plug your PS4 Controller into the PS4 console (that is turned on) using a USB cable.
  • Press the PS button to see the level of charge on the screen, as the PS4 Controller is charging. It usually takes 2 hours for the Controller to be fully charged.
  • To charge the PS4 Controller while keeping your system in safe mode, go to Settings on the console, select ‘Power Saving Settings.’
  • Now select ‘Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Finally, select ‘Supply Power to USB Ports.
  • The Controller will blink an orange light in the light bar on its body as it gets charged.
  • Once the Controller is charged, unplug it from the cable, and check if it turns on.

Solution 2: Reset your Controller

If a firmware glitch is what is causing the PS4 Controller from turning on, you can fix it by resetting the Controller. To hard-reset the Controller, follow these steps:

  • Power down PS4 and locate the small hole on the rear end of the Controller on the left shoulder button.
  • Use a paperclip to push inside the hole. 
  • Press the button (not visible) inside the hole for 5 seconds.
  • The Controller is now hard-reset. To connect it to the console, use a USB cable.
  • Turn on the PS4 console, and simultaneously turn on the Controller. If it turns on, the light bar will indicate a blue light signaling the Controller is paired with the console.

Solution 3: Change the USB Cable

We’ve discussed how a faulty USB cable can prevent the Controller from charging and thus from turning on. Try to swap the USB cable with a different one that works. Check if the replacement is charging the Controller; if yes, your problem is already fixed.

Solution 4: Clean the USB Port

More than damage, the USB port can be a victim to months of dust and dirt accumulation. If your Controller doesn’t turn on because it isn’t charging and you’ve already tried swapping cable, we recommend cleaning the USB port before moving to the other solutions. 

You can try multiple ways to clean the USB port, starting with using a toothpick to pick out dust and debris from the port. You can also try using a cloth to clean the port; make sure not to spray any liquid directly into the port to clean it. 

Blowing compressed air into the USB ports can help get rid of dust from the port too.

Solution 5: Look for signs of damage in the USB Port

Although damage to the USB port is not very common, it can still happen due to reasons such as abrupt power surge, damage caused to the console, or wear and tear due to plugging and unplugging of the USB cable. 

But how is damage to the USB port relevant to your Controller not turning on? If your Controller is not charging owing to a damaged USB port and therefore not turning on, it has all the relevance.

Fortunately, you have more than one USB port on any PS4 console, therefore try to plug the USB cable into a different port and check if the Controller is charging. If it is charging and therefore turns on, the problem lies in one specific USB port.

However, if the USB drive itself is damaged, none of the ports will be working. There is very little that you manually do in this case, apart from seeking help from a professional to get the hardware fixed or replaced.

Solution 6: Seek a replacement for the Controller

If you’re completely sure that the problem lies in the Controller, resulting in it not turning on, seek a replacement for the Controller from PlayStation’s official support page. 

This is the simplest solution to fixing the problem if your PlayStation is still under warranty.

Solution 7: Disassemble and Clean the Controller

As we’ve mentioned before, the Controller may not turn on because of dust and debris on the circuit board of the Controller. In this case, you can disassemble the Controller and carefully try cleaning the board surface.

  • Use a T8 or T9 screwdriver to disassemble your Controller. 
  • Carefully disconnect the delicate wirings from the plastic body of the Controller.
  • Using a micro cloth, clean the circuit board, making sure not to apply too much pressure.
  • Assemble the Controller back, and check if it turns on.

We also suggest trying this method only if your Controller is out of warranty since disassembling your under-warranty Controller may prevent you from claiming the warranty if things go south.

Solution 8: Replace the battery of your Controller

Is a worn-out battery the reason why your Controller won’t turn on? Of course, you’ll know if it is since any battery does not wear out in a day. If your DUALSHOCK 4 controller charging has started to last less over time, it is a strong indication that the battery is wearing out. After a point, the battery just won’t accept charging and or take too long to charge and discharge in a short span of time. 

Replacing the battery of the Controller might help in this case. It is certainly cheaper than buying an all-new replacement controller, but try this method only if your Controller is out-of-warranty.

Unlike the Xbox Controller, the PS4 Controller has a battery on the inside. Therefore, you’ll need to disassemble it, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new one, and then assemble the Controller back.

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