How to Catch a Squid in Stardew Valley?

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More than just a casual game, Stardew Valley is a game with infinite replayability, varied gameplay mechanics, interesting side characters, and challenging quests. 

Talking of quests, we are sure you are here to get some help with the ‘Catch a Squid’ Quest or some other quest that requires catching that sly squid and want to know how it’s done.

Well, we shall get right to the point and start with a walkthrough of what quests require you to catch a squid and how you can catch one in Stardew Valley without much of a hassle.

What quests require you to catch a squid in Stardew Valley?

Below is a list of quests that require you to catch a squid in Stardew Valley:

  • ‘Catch A Squid’ Quest by Willy challenges you to catch a squid within 28 days. The reward is 800 Gold and 1 Friendship heart. The quest is provided by mail, in Winter 2.
  • Fishing wherein Demetrius or Willy may randomly request anywhere between 1-4 squids. The reward for the same is 80 Gold per fish. Just so you are wondering, the fishing quest begins with the request of squids at the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store.
  • One squid may be randomly requested at the ‘Help Wanted’ board outside Pierre’s General Store. The reward for delivering the item is 240 Gold and 150 Friendship points.
  • You can be asked to catch squids in the ‘Aquatic Overpopulation’ Quest. In the quest, you may be requested to catch ten squids on ‘Special Order’ by Demetrius. The reward for the quest is Gold that is equivalent to selling the fish as well as being handed the Farm Computer Recipe.

How to Catch a Squid in Stardew Valley?

Although there are quests other than Willie’s ‘Catch A Squid’ quest that require you to catch a squid (more on that later), the general prerequisite of each quest is that you make it to the winter season.

You can only catch a squid if you are in the winter season in the Stardew Valley. Now, before we take you through the guide that teaches you how you can catch a squid in the game, here is what you need to know beforehand:

  • Yes, you may have entered Winter in Stardew Valley, but that is not where it ends. Not only are squids only available for Fishing during the Winter season, but they are also only available for Fishing during the night.
  • Squids can only be found in one location on the whole Stardew Valley map, i.e., down on the beach, in the ocean, near Willie’s shack.
  • If you are catching a squid for Willie’s Quest, you get only 28 days to complete the challenge. On top of this, you only get a few hours each day to catch a squid (since they can only be caught at night).
  • Squids are sly creatures, which is why it is often recommended for you to level up your Fishing before beginning the quest. Acquiring more levels in Fishing before tackling the quest makes it easier for the farmer (the player) to catch a squid in Stardew Valley.
  • It is ideal to have at least the Fiberglass Rod and some Bait to lure in the squid. Better gears are equivalent to a smoother experience catching a squid and thus, completing the quest.
  • Even if you are unable to catch the squid someday, we suggest ‘running’ back home between 12:30 – 1 a.m. at night. Why? Because the maximum time the farmer (or the player) can be up at any given time is 2 a.m. If you do not return home before 2 a.m. in an attempt to catch a squid, you will ultimately hit a snooze and fall asleep. Upon waking up the next day, you will be presented with a ‘healthy’ bill from Joja Corporation for all the displeasure you caused them.

Guide to catching a squid in Stardew Valley

Below we have explained how you can catch those sly and difficult-to-hook squids in Stardew Valley:

  • Squids can only be caught during the night, between 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thus, wait for the lights to go off. The lights usually go off between 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. in the game. 
  • This is when you take your gear (preferably an iridium rod, but at least a Fiberglass rod) and your rod and head to the beach near Willy’s shack. Since squids are only available in a very confined region in Pelicans Town (the ocean), it is pointless to look for them in the lakes, rivers, or ponds in the town.
  • Head to the docks near Willy’s store on the beach and start Fishing. Wait till you catch a squid. 
  • If you do not have a lot of time left running on your watch, and you haven’t caught the squid yet, rush back home before 2 a.m. (preferably by 1 a.m.).  If you were able to catch a squid before 2 a.m., and have plenty of time left, rush to Willy to deliver the squid before he goes to bed. Always remember to keep checking the watch and make it a rule to be home before 2 a.m.

Note: If you are tackling Willy’s ‘Catch a Squid’ quest and deliver the squid to Wily within the timeframe of the challenge (irrespective of how many tries it takes), you will be rewarded with a heart of Friendship and 800 Gold via Journal.


How else can you find a squid in Stardew Valley?

Do you see how we mention the term ‘find’ and not ‘catch’? That is because there is ONLY one way to catch a squid in Stardew Valley, i.e., fishing at the beach. 

However, that does not mean that you can not ‘find’ a squid (without really catching it) and complete your quest. In fact, there are more than one ways to find a squid in the game without having to catch one at the beach.

  • The first way to find a squid in Stardew Valley is to look into trash cans around the town. Sometimes, if you misclick (and examine) a trash can, you may be surprised to find a squid in it. Thus, try peeking at as many trash cans as you can around Pelicans Town, and you may be in good luck to find a squid.
  • The second method of finding a squid is to buy a squid from the Traveling Merchant (although the chances of her selling a squid are not very solid). If you are in luck, she will be selling a squid when she appears every Friday and Sunday in the Cindersap Forest.


Uses of Squid in Stardew Valley

Would it even be worth it if you just caught a squid and do not know the myriad contexts where it can be used in the game? No! 

Below is a list of different uses of squid(s) in-game:

  • Gifting

Squids make for great gifts to just about any NPC. However, the catch is that you need to understand who to gift the squid to and who not to (based on whether they like the squid or not). Your safest bet is to gift the squid to:

  • Willy, who in return will reward you with 800 Gold and 1 Friendship point.


  • Demetrius, who on ‘Special Order’, will request you to catch squid (s) in exchange for Gold and the Farm Computer Recipe.
  • You can also randomly find quests on the ‘Help Wanted’ board outside Pierre’s General Store, which require you to catch squids in exchange for money or friendship points.

Note: Only gift squids to the people who requested it on the ‘Help Wanted’ board or to NPC who like or are neutral to it, for example, Willy and Demetrius. Gifting squids to NPC who dislike and/or hate them will have you risk losing heart levels.

  • Recipes

Squids can be used in a variety of recipes, for either the consumption of the player or forgetting to different NPC. Amongst the recipes listed below, only Fried Calamari Squid is the recipe that requires squids. The other recipes can use any other fish, and not just squids.

  • Fried Calamari (Squid, Wheat Flour, Oil)
  • Maki Roll (Any Fish, Seaweed, Rice)
  • Sashimi (Any Fish)
  • Quality Fertilizer (Sap, Any Fish)

You can also use squids to create a Sailor Shirt. This can be done with the use of the Sewing Machine in the game.

  • Fish Ponds

Lastly, you can breed the squids in Fish Ponds at your farm. The squids bred in the Fish Pond will produce Squid ink instead of Roe, which in turn, can either be sold or used in a few recipes (more on that later). 

Squid ink can also be used in the Pantry Bundle (Remixed) at the Community Center.


How to catch a Midnight Squid in Stardew Valley?

Midnight squids are unique versions of the generic squids found at the beach. Midnight squids are a tad rarer than the usual squids and can be caught by deep-sea Fishing. These squids are found in a narrowly confined area on the submarine during the Night Market. 

What is the Night Market? The Night Market is an event that takes place every Winter 15 to Winter 17 at the beach. In the event to catch a Midnight Squid, you will need to reach the far left of the event to a submarine that is open only between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. 

It is on this submarine that you can do deep-fishing and thus catch a squid. Upon entering the submarine, you will be talking to the Captain, who you will be paying 1000 Gold, post which he will take you down into the ocean.

Following this, there will be a panel that will open on the floor from where you will be able to fish the midnight squid. Deep-fishing gives you a 21 percent chance to come across the rare midnight squid.

What if you couldn’t catch the Midnight Squid in the Night Market:

Did you miss the Night Market? If you did, you probably think that you missed out on your opportunity to try and catch the midnight squid. 

However, it’s never too late!

If you missed the Night Market, reach the leftmost pier of the beach and face towards the left. This will allow you to get the magic bait that can help you catch a midnight squid. Keep in mind that magic bait is a late-night item and can only be used if you have access to Qi’s Walnut Room in the game.


How to get squid Ink?

As discussed in the previous section, squids can be bred in fish ponds to produce squid ink. Before we move to an elaborate discussion, what are fish ponds, and how do you build one?

As the name implies, a fish pond is a building that is placed(or built) on your farm used to grow the population of fish that you breed in these fish ponds. 

You can build a fish pond on your farm with the help of Robin (he does the construction). Building the fish pond requires 5000 Gold, 5 Green Algae, 200 Stone, and 5 Seaweed.  The construction takes two days, post which you can add your squids as well as midnight squids into the pond for breeding.

Coming back to the question, there is a rough 5% chance of squids producing squid ink if they are low in number. Gradually, as the population increases, the chances of getting squid ink increase simultaneously.

For example, if you have about ten squids in the fish pond, the chances of the squids producing squid ink are anywhere between 70 – 90%. 

Squid Kid Monster Drop

There is yet another way of getting squid ink without taking the pains of catching a squid, building a fish pond, and breeding it. 

Alternatively, you can get squid ink drop from the Squid Kid Monster (of course, it is in the name!). The Squid Kid Monster is found on floors 80 through the mines, which are 119 in number. 

The Squid Kid Monster can attack you and cause a lot of damage when you enter the mines and try to kill it. Thus, it is advised to kill the Squid Kid Monster as soon as you enter the drop, so you do not only get to be safe from the attacks of the monster but also get the money well. 


Uses of Squid Ink in Stardew Valley

Let’s do a quick recap of how you can use Squid Ink in Stardew Valley:

Selling and Gifting

Squid ink is used for completing the shipping collection. It can be sold for 110 Gold and can be used to complete the shipping collection for any item in the game.

You can also give squid ink to the NPC. However, not all NPC like it; thus, it is safe to gift it to someone who likes or is neutral about it. All in all, Elliot seems to be the best NPC in the whole town who would love to buy squid ink.

Completing Bundles (Remixed)

You will not need squid ink to complete any normal bundles; however, if you are playing on remixed mode, then you may need one squid ink to complete the Fish Farmer’s Bundle in the Pantry.

Squid ink is only used in two recipes, which you can find below.


Squid Ink can be used in two specific recipes named:

  • Seafoam Pudding (1 Flounder, 1 squid ink, and 1 Midnight Carp).
  • Squid Ink Ravioli (1 squid ink, 1 tomato, and 1 wheat flour).

You can also use squid ink on the cloth at the Sewing Machine. This will create a jacket named Midnight Dog Jacket in-game.


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