How Do You Text to a 5 Digit Number?

How Do You Text to a 5 Digit Number?

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A “short code” is a number that has only five digits. Example 32665 (FBOOK) for the social networking site Facebook. Texting it is done in the same manner as texting a 7- or 10-digit number.

The process of texting a short code is straightforward and operates in the same way as texting other phone numbers. The only significant difference is that the number has been reduced.

Just start a new text message, enter the shortcode in the space where you would normally put the recipient’s number, type your message, and then hit the send button.

What Is A Short Code?

Using a 5- to 6-digit phone number, an SMS shortcode can be used to send marketing messages. In addition to having superior technical capabilities, shortcodes are registered with wireless carriers and may send messages much more quickly. Brands and organizations use short codes instead of transactional SMS to send business text messages.

Text messages can be sent and received using a 10-digit long code. To send transactional messages, such as delivery notifications or two-factor verification for an app, long code texting is commonly employed.

They aren’t meant to be used for advertising. The speed at which text messages can be sent through long codes versus shortcodes is much lower. While shortcodes can cost as little as $1 per phone number, long codes often start at $500-$1,000 per month. As a result of their differing technical capabilities, there is a wide range of pricing and usage scenarios.

Opting In & Out of Short Codes

Shortcodes can be activated easily. Actually, you are opting into a text messaging service that employs a short code instead of a code itself; this is the correct terminology. Texting a keyword to a specific short code is the most common way for consumers to opt-in to SMS marketing initiatives.

This means that you’ve agreed to receive future texts if this happens. Your subscription should be confirmed by a text message sent to the phone number you provide when opting in.

In addition, the process of opting out is a breeze. All short code texting services are required to process unique opt out terms that unsubscribe consumers from future text messages.

Any SMS short number to which you type STOP, CANCEL, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT will remove you from the list and stop sending you messages. Additionally, you should receive an automated response confirming your decision to opt out.

The Different Types of SMS Short Codes

Random and vanity short codes are the two main types of shortcodes used in SMS marketing. They perform the same functions and have the same capabilities. It all boils down to how many and how much they cost to run.

Random Short Codes

“Non-vanity short codes,” or “random short codes,” are exactly what they sound like. What your new code will be is completely out of your hands when you apply.

You are given a random 5- or 6-digit phone number. Random codes are the most common short code texting method since they are the cheapest.

Vanity Short Codes

Vanity short codes, like vanity license plates, let you customize the number that appears on your caller’s caller identification. In addition, you have the option of selecting a five- or six-digit number.

This means that vanity codes are more expensive than random ones, as they are charged by the U.S. Short Code Registry. Because you can choose numbers that are easier to remember, vanity codes are preferable because they make texting to join easier.

An example of a vanity short SMS code is the number 888111 or the number 222434.


SMS Short Code Messaging Speeds

One of the advantages of using an SMS short code is that messages are delivered more quickly. The wireless carriers limit the pace of SMS long-code to 60 SMS messages per minute, which is far slower than a short code.

SMS short codes send messages at varying rates, depending on the software used to send them. There are 98,940 messages sent each minute, which is 1,649 times faster than an SMS long code and 16 more than other SMS marketing tools.

When it comes to SMS throughput, you may be wondering, “What’s the fuss?” Then what if an SMS marketing software provider isn’t able to send text messages quickly enough. Subscribers may be able to benefit from a promotion even though it has already expired.

Politicians who fail to raise funds right after a major rally could lose out on the goodwill generated by the crowds that have just left a restaurant’s lunch special.


Short Codes vs. Other Texting Numbers

SMS short codes differ from other SMS marketing number types in various ways. Toll-free and 10DLC numbers are the alternatives to short codes.

It is easier to remember shortcodes than long ones because they just have 5 or 6 characters instead of 10. Texting programs are easier to use because the number is easy to memorize and write quickly.

Shortcodes cost between $500 and $1,000 a month depending on whether it’s a random or vanity codes. Free or minimally-priced toll-free and 10DLC numbers are available. In some circumstances, SMS codes can be sent up to 20 times faster than regular text messages.

SMS short code messaging is not normally subject to carrier spam or content controls, although text messages sent from standard 10-digit numbers are. Obtaining a short code requires an approval process that takes six to eight weeks, during which time the sender and texting software are thoroughly vetted to ensure that messages are not censored.


What Are The Benefits of a Dedicated SMS Short Code?

The higher expense of dedicated short codes for text marketing or bulk SMS operations might be offset by a number of benefits.

Choose Your Own Number

You can make it even easier for your customers to join your SMS marketing program by providing them with a vanity short code. Your opt-in performance and engagement rates will be significantly enhanced if you use a memorable, easy-to-read number.

No Keyword Restrictions

For text marketing, do you require a single keyword or a vast volume of keywords? Using a dedicated SMS shortcode allows you to use as many keywords as you want.

Control Your Messaging

You have complete control over the types of SMS messages sent to your number when using customized shortcodes. Sharing allows you to maintain a clean image without fear of brand misunderstanding or carrier restrictions.

Dedicated Throughput

Dedicated short codes are ideal for SMS operations that demand high levels of throughput, either inbound or outbound, to transmit big text message blasts at scale.


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