How Do You Text to a 5 Digit Number?

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A “short code” is a number that has only five digits. Example 32665 (FBOOK) for the social networking site Facebook. Texting it is done in the same manner as texting a 7- or 10-digit number.

The procedure of messaging a short code is simple and works the same as texting on a regular cell phone. The only prominent distinction is the quantity has been cut down.

Start a fresh text chat window and replace the recipient’s number with a shortcode at the place where you normally type their phone number. After that, type your message and then send it.

Define Short Code?

An SMS or short message service shortcode may be utilized to forward marketing texts with a 5 to 6-digit cell phone number. In addition to having superior technical capabilities, shortcodes are registered with wireless carriers and may send messages much more quickly. Instead of sending transactional SMS, firms and brands use shortcodes.

Text messages can be sent and received using a 10-digit long code. To send transactional messages, such as delivery notifications or two-factor verification for an app, long code texting is commonly employed.

They aren’t meant to be used for advertising. Shortcodes send text messages much faster than long codes. While shortcodes can cost as little as $1 per phone number, long codes often start at $500-$1,000 per month. As a result of their differing technical capabilities, there is a wide range of pricing and usage scenarios.

Choose In And Out to a Short Codes

Shortcodes can be activated easily. Technically, you are subscribing to a messaging program that uses the short code in place of an actual coding language. Messaging a keyword to a particular short code is common practice for consumers who want to opt for or opt in the SMS marketing programs.

If you agree to get future texts, your subscription will be established by a message received by your registered number you provided when opting for it.

In addition, the process of opting out is a breeze. Every short code SMS company must handle unique unsubscribe terms, which means they’re all required to frame them.

To stop receiving messages, simply type CANCEL, END, STOP, QUIT, or UNSUBSCRIBE on any SMS short number. You will also get an automated notice confirming the opt-out decision.

Various Types of Short Message Service Short Codes

The two most common varieties of shortcodes that SMS marketing uses are random and vanity. They both have the same features and purpose. It all depends on the quantity you need and the cost to maintain it.

Non-vanity Short Codes

Non-vanity short codes, also known as Random short codes, are numbers that are chosen at random. What your new code will be is completely out of your hands when you apply.

The 5- or 6-digit contact number you are given is randomly generated. “Random codes” refers to the most used type of short code messaging, which is also the most affordable.

Vanity Short Codes

Custom caller ID, similar to vanity license plates, reflects your brand and gives customers a memorable way to reach you. Our shortcodes are 6 or 5-digits long so that they’re easy for customers to remember.

Because they are charged under the SC Registry of the United States, this means that vanity codes are more costly than random ones. However, since you can pick digits that are easy to recall, the vanity codes become preferable because joining your texting campaign becomes easier for potential participants.

Short SMS codes like 888111 or 222434 are examples of vanity numbers.


Messaging Speeds of SMS Short Code

Another great feature of utilizing the software is that text messages are sent faster. Because cellular carriers constrains the speed of texting long codes to 60 messages in a minute, they are considerably slower than short codes.

The rate at which short codes are delivered varies considerably, Conditional to the program used for sending the text. Every minute, 98,940 SMS are sent using a short code. It is 1,649 times quicker than a long code and sixteen more times than other texting business tools.

“What’s the fuss about SMS delivery?” you might ask. Imagine if the text message marketing software firm is unable to swiftly distribute messages. Subscribers may still take advantage of a deal that has expired long back.

Politicians who fail to raise funds right after a major rally could lose out on the goodwill generated by the crowds that have just left a restaurant’s lunch special.


Other Texting Numbers Vs. Short Codes

When it comes to short codes, there are a few distinctions between them and ordinary SMS marketing numbers. 10DLC and Toll-free phone numbers can be helpful alternatives for short codes.

It is easier to remember shortcodes than long ones because they just have 5 or 6 characters instead of 10. Because the digits are simple to remember and quick to type, text messaging applications are more user-friendly.

Shortcodes that are vanity or random cost approx $500 to $1,000 monthly. Free or inexpensive toll-free as well as 10DLCdigits can be utilized. SMS codes are sent 20 times more quickly sometimes in comparison to traditional messages.

Short code messaging definitely is not subject to content restrictions or carrier spam. However, messages forwarded by a standard 10-digit phone number are. Acquiring a short code implies going through an approval procedure that can take up to eight weeks, during that period, the sender, as well as texting software, are comprehensively examined to guarantee that messages aren’t tampered with.


Does Dedicated Short Code Have Any Benefits?

Though dedicated short codes used in bulk SMS operations or text marketing are more expensive, they come with many benefits.

Pick Your Own Number

If you use a vanity short code, an easy-to-remember and read number, it will be much simpler for your consumer to opt into your text marketing program. Not only that, but your engagement levels will improve significantly.

No Keyword Restrictions

A dedicated SMS shortcode allows you to use an unlimited number of keywords for message marketing so that you can reach a wider audience.

Control Your Messaging

When you use customized shortcodes, you have full command over the text messages delivered to your mobile number. Carrier restrictions won’t be an issue when sharing with others, allowing you to keep a clean profile.

Dedicated Throughput

If you need to send a lot of text messages quickly, either outbound or inbound, a dedicated short code is perfect for your needs.


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