Three Bells Puzzle – Temple of Eothas – Pillars of Eternity

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Did you just embark on the journey of pursuing The Buried Secrets in the Pillars of Eternity game? The first impediment that comes right away is solving the Bell Puzzle in the Temple of Eothas in order to enter the lower reaches of the Temple of Eothas. In the Pillars of Eternity.

If you have been scratching your head around the Bell Puzzle for a while, incessantly trying to find some sort of clue to proceed to the next level, this is the article for you. In the specifics of the article, we shall discuss how you can solve the Bell Puzzle and even discuss a secret workaround for the puzzle.

But, first, what is the Temple of Eothas?

What is the Temple of Eothas?

The Buried Secrets quest starts with how Lord Raedric has decided to rededicate the abandoned Temple of Eothas to a new deity, owing to which the entrance of the temple has been cleared after a very long time, finally allowing entry of people into the abandoned temple.

The Temple of Eothas was a grand temple of a god named Eothas. The temple was very popular during its period, and its prominence was evident from the fact that it attracted followers of the god Eothas from all over Dyrwood. Followers from as far as Readceras visited the Temple of Eothas too. 

However, once the legacy of Waidwen began, it was believed by the lord, namely Lord Raedric, that worshipping Eothas (in the Temple of Eothas) was causing Hollowbabies to be born.

Lord Raedric thus, sent a troop of soldiers to vanquish and wipe out all Eothas worshippers present in the temple and then seal the temple in an attempt to stop the birth of Hollowborn babies. 

There were a handful of priests in the temple when the soldiers marched into the temple to wipe out the worshippers of Eothas. The priests were slain at the hands of the soldiers sent by Lord Raedric, the spirits of which haunt the ruins of the Temple of Eothas as Shadows now. This makes the Temple of Eothas very dangerous and inhospitable.

Now, the Watcher (the player), if chooses to pursue The Buried Secrets (the quest linked to the Temple of Eothas), will find Wirtan inside the ruins of the temple, wounded by a skuldr. 

Wirtan will ask the Watcher to find the bones of the priests that were slain inside the temple before it was sealed by the orders of Lord Raedric so that he can give them a decent burial. However, the Watcher will soon find out that the truth behind the ruins of the Temple of Eothas is much more complex and goes way beyond what Wirtan said.

In order to find the bones of the slain priests and bring it back for burial, the Watcher shall have to go through the Temple of Eothas, starting with entering the lower floor of the temple, which seems to be sealed with some spell of enchantment.

What is the Three Bells Puzzle?

There is also a set of bells beside the door to the lower floor, which seems to play a part in opening the lower reaches of the temple, which shall lead to progression in finding the bones of the priests. 

Now, this is where the Bell Puzzle shows up. The set of bells beside the door that leads to the lower reaches of the temple together make up the Bell Puzzle. If solved, the Watcher shall be able to open the door to the lower reaches of the Temple of Eothas.

You will need to find the correct sequence of chimes of the three bells in order to open the path to the lower floor of the temple. 

In the next heading, we shall discuss the right sequence of chimes that lead to the opening of the path to the lower floor.


Three Bells Puzzle in Temple of Eothas – The Correct Sequence

Once you tap on any of the three bells, you will be shown a note on the screen that says:

“Three bells hang from the stone protrusion that runs along this wall. Years of dust and grime coat the metal. There is one large bell at the centre, flanked by two smaller ones”.

Below the dialogue, you will find five options that are:

  • Examine the bells.
  • Ring the left, smaller bell.
  • Ring the middle, large bell.
  • Ring the right, smaller bell.
  • Leave.

Now, for starters, tap on option 1 that is ‘Examine the bells’.

The note will now say the following:

“The bells appear to be fully intact. They are made of a thick iron, and look very heavy. There does not appear to be much out of the ordinary about them”.

Now, tap on ‘Ring the right, smaller bell’.

The writings on the note will now change to:

“The bell sounds a strange, warbling peal that grows to a painful shrillnes before it diminishes to a mournful chime”.

Now, tap on ‘Ring the middle, large bell’.

The note now says:

You heave at the bell, and as it swings back in the other direction, the clapper strikes a low, powerful note against the heavy iron, You feel ringing in your chest, as the sound moves through the ruined halls in a rolling tide”.

Now, tap on the option that says ‘Ring the left, smaller bell’.

The writings on the note say:

The bell rolls a high, piercing note of startling power. The tone echoes merrily through the halls, until it seems that a dozen chirping notes ring through the temple”.

Now, finally tap on the option that says “Ring the right, smaller bell”.

The sequence of chimes will now be complete, and the note will say:

“The peculiar chime rings through the ruins”.

Tap on ‘Continue’ to open the path to the lower reach (the note ends on a concluding context).

Quick recap of the sequence of the bells in the Bell Puzzle

  • Examine the bells (optional).
  • Ring the right, smaller bell.
  • Ring the middle, large bell.
  • Ring the left, smaller bell.
  • Ring the right, smaller bell.
  • Continue.


Alternative to the Bell Puzzle to pass the level

If the player does not want to solve the Bell Puzzle to pass onto the next level, there is a workaround for the same. Since the door to the next level (or the lower reaches of the Temple of Eothas, in the game’s context) is locked and requires Mechanics 10 to open, it can be bypassed using the Engraved Silver Key. 

The Engraved Silver Key can be found in a hollow book. The hollow book is stored in a private library chamber. The catch is that in order to use the workaround, you will require Mechanics 9 or at least 5 if you are using stealth mode to discover the Engraved Silver Key.


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