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VA disability benefits are tax-free payments for veterans who suffer from service-related disabilities. Regretfully, submitting a claim can be difficult and frustrating. Numerous disabled veterans experience VA denials.

A law firm can help you navigate the complex maze of VA disability claims and appeals. They’re like seasoned guides through this labyrinth, helping you receive your deserved compensation.


Veterans and their surviving spouses are now eligible for substantial medical and disability payments because of laws established by Congress. These benefits, primarily monthly compensation payments, are based on your degree of service-connected disability (rated in ten percent increments) and whether your condition was incurred while on active duty or inactive duty training.

VSOs are well-meaning and can help you fill out your initial VA disability claim. However, they may need to gain the training or knowledge of VA law and processes that a veterans disability law firm has. Moreover, they are prohibited by law from charging you any fees for services.

Hiring a VA-accredited attorney can ensure you receive all the benefits you are owed now and in the future and any back-pay from your claim. A reasonable VA attorney can also help you appeal any unfavorable decision by the VA. These appeals must be done correctly to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.

Access to Resources

Until 2007, veterans were forbidden from hiring attorneys to help with their monetary claims against the federal government. This was a disservice to veterans, who often suffered low disability ratings and unfair claim denials from the VA.

A VA disability law firm should be able to help you with your initial claim for benefits and any appeals. This includes representing you before the VA Regional Office and the Board of Veterans Appeals.

After reviewing your denial letter, your lawyer will determine why the VA denied your claim. This information will be crucial in building your case for an appeal.

If the VA denies your claim for service-connected disability compensation, you are entitled to a hearing before the Board of Veterans Appeals. Veterans should hire an attorney who is comfortable fighting the VA for their rights to past and future disability payments. The cost of an attorney is worth the peace of mind you will receive from knowing that your claim is in good hands.

Knowledge of the VA’s Process

As part of the claims process, veterans must undergo a comprehensive examination by one of the VA’s doctors, known as a C&P Exam. 

The attorney can help by ensuring that all the appropriate documents are submitted and the evidence collected is in order. They can also assist in getting private medical records that are relevant to the case and can submit additional evidence if needed.

This is also the stage where the veteran’s disability rating is determined. The ratings are gauged in ten-percent increments and determine how much monthly cash benefit the veteran will receive. The attorneys can help ensure that a claimant is given the highest possible rating. This is often achieved by ensuring the appropriate medical nexus letters are included in the file. A lawyer must be familiar with the rules of procedure in this area, as it can mean the difference between having a claim approved and denied.


Many firms are VA-certified and can help you with your claim. Many also take Social Security disability cases.

The law provides for extensive benefits and compensation to veterans with service-connected disabilities. The VA determines a veteran’s disability rating, which is used to calculate the amount of monthly payments they receive. These disability payments are a tax-free income.

Several factors can result in the VA denying veterans benefits. A knowledgeable lawyer can help contest those decisions and ensure the appeal is done thoroughly.

A veteran who is denied may have to go all the way through the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. This can be a multiyear process. It is best if the attorney has experience with every type of appeal. This can be challenging with unaccredited representatives not held to the same code of conduct or required to take continuing education courses on VA regulations and procedures.


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