Do iPhones Have IR Blaster?

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No, iPhones do not have an IR blaster. An IR blaster uses infrared light to send commands to another compatible device. This article will look at IR blasters in detail and how they come in handy.


What Is an IR Blaster Used For?

An IR Blaster is a device that allows you to control your television, or other similar electronic devices, by sending signals to them. IR blasters work by emitting infrared light at a specific wavelength that causes the remote’s receiver to be activated and react appropriately.

These blasters are used for various reasons, but most commonly for controlling televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, or other electronic devices that receive infrared signals. A common use of the IR blaster is the universal remote control. Most people often look to convert their smartphones into a universal remote and look for IR blasters to do this job.


Can I Add IR to My Device?

Yes, you can add IR to your device. There are several options for adding IR to your device:

1) You can use a wireless IR remote control. This type of remote will not be able to connect to your device using the USB port, but it will allow you to control your device from across the room by pointing at it with the remote and pressing a button or button combination.

2) You can use an infrared (IR) stick or dongle. This device allows you to point at the dongle with the remote control to control your device. The drawback here is that if you have multiple devices connected via USB, they will all have to be controlled by this one dongle/stick.

3) You can purchase a receiver that plugs into one of your devices’ USB ports and feeds power through that port so it can receive IR signals from another source. This option is best suited for people with only one camera or device connected via USB.

If you have multiple cameras or other devices, you may want to consider purchasing a separate receiver for each camera/device instead of using one receiver for all of them.


Can I Turn My iPhone into a Universal Remote?

Yes. You can turn your iPhone into a universal remote.

Apple TV 4K is a streaming device that lets you play content from apps like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Now from your TV. It also allows you to stream Apple Music and iTunes Radio and watch live sports events. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use their iPhone as a remote to control all their favorite content on the big screen via their phone.

It’s important to note that this isn’t intended for use as a universal remote – it’s designed to control things through Apple’s own devices like their computers or phones. That being said, some apps are available that will allow you to use your phone as an actual universal remote control.


Can I Use My Phone as a Remote Control Even if It Does Not Have IR?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote control even if it does not have infrared capabilities. The simplest way to do this is by using a hotspot. Hotspots are places where all devices connected to it have access to the internet and can share data with each other.

The main benefit of using a hotspot is that you don’t need any additional hardware or software to make it work. Just connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and use it as a remote control for your TV, computer, or any other device that has an app that allows you to control it from afar.


How Do I Check if My Phone Has an IR Blaster?

Before you buy a new phone, you can check if it has an infrared blaster. As mentioned above, IR blasters can be used to control your TV or other devices by sending remote signals from your phone.

You can check if your phone has an IR blaster by going into the settings menu and looking for the “remote control” option. If it’s there, your phone does have an IR blaster, and you can use it to control other devices around your home or office.


Is IR Used to See Through Clothes?

IR is used to see through clothes by using a hand-held infrared camera. The IR light is emitted from the camera and passes through the clothing and skin of the person being recorded. The camera can also determine the temperature of an object using infrared light, which means that it can be used to determine if an object is hot or cold.



The IR blaster is an excellent innovation for controlling multiple devices in a household. There are very few drawbacks, and the available universal remote controls are helpful for anyone who wants to control multiple devices from a central location.


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