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Console Gaming


[Solved] PS4 Turns on by Itself

PS4 turning on by itself problem first showed in 2014 after some software updates. It is still an issue...

Why Your PS4 Controller’s Light Is Red? and How to Fix It?

PS4 Controller light bar can show multiple colors like Blue, Orange, White, etc., but many people are confused about...

How to Fix PS4 Turns on Then off Problem

If your PS4 also turns on then off, you are not the only one. The issue is pretty common...

Xbox One

[Fixed] Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

Xbox One booting issues are pretty common, and some can be fixed quickly by following a few simple steps....

[Fixed] Xbox One Turns on Then off

In some cases, the Xbox One turns off immediately and in some cases after a few seconds. If your...

How to Use an Xbox 360 Controller on Xbox One

If your Xbox One controller is broken, or if you want to connect two controllers for multiplayer purposes, you...