3-cell 42whr battery life (Integrated)

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The battery life of 3-cell 42whr or any other battery depends on the load. Whr is the power the battery can produce; so you need to know mAh and other things too. 

Without making it too complicated, we are going to explain an easy way to calculate estimated battery life. You need to know the watt consumption of your device to calculate the estimated battery life. We recommend reading laptop watt consumption first. 

You have to divide 43 Whr by the number of watts your device consumes to get the approximate battery life in hours. 

Battery Drain Activities and Consumption Factors

When you casually browse the internet, your device consumes a lot less battery than it does while playing games, editing 4K videos, and other work like 3D designing.

This is because the device does not use CPU and GPU at their full potential when it’s not required. There are other factors too, like the type of laptop and screen size. 

How Long Should Your Laptop Battery Last

Even if you use your laptop every day, the battery should last 2 – 4 years. This is just an estimated time; it could be more or less.  

How to Make Your Laptop Consume Less Battery

Below are some things you can do to make your machine consume less battery. 

  • Use power-saving mode.
  • Turn down display brightness.
  • Keep the keyboard backlight off when not required.
  • Turn on airplane mode when you are not using the Wi-Fi.


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