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When someone launches a new online casino, it means that it’s becoming part of the massive iGaming industry.

This global gaming community unites different participants like casino operators, bookmakers, software providers, game developers, regulatory and financial authorities, marketers, influencers, and players from across the globe.

Despite the language differences that might exist among these diverse groups, they regularly come together to share their experiences and keep the online gambling industry running smoothly.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy iGaming conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows that you won’t want to miss. So, let’s roll!

iGaming Event Categories

Casino and sports betting conferences act as valuable networking hubs, bridging the gap between the traditional and online gambling industries.

Within the iGaming events, multiple categories exist, all united by a common goal – fostering connections – yet each with its unique characteristics.

Event Size: Global and Local

International gaming events are usually quite big and get much media attention. They include major conferences and exhibitions like ICE and SiGMA.

On the other hand, regional events focus on promoting local gambling markets, discussing regulations, and learning about the specific aspects of iGaming in a particular country.

For example, when Ukraine regulated its market, the 2021 Ukrainian Gaming Week held a conference to talk about licensing rules.

In simple terms, global casino events are great for meeting people from all over the world and sharing knowledge, while regional events are more about studying specific markets and how to enter them.

At these gatherings, people often debate different topics, such as SMS billing slots, gambling regulation, slot themes or other types of casino entertainment.

Event Formats: Workshops and Exhibitions (Conferences)

Exhibitions are all about making a big impression and showcasing your company. In iGaming, companies use various tactics of casino highlights like giving presentations, creating eye-catching booths, setting up fun areas like betting tournaments, and engaging with attendees.

Conferences are valuable, too, because they bring together iGaming companies from both B2B and B2C sectors.

Workshops are similar to exhibitions but more hands-on. They focus on practical examples and real-world case studies.

Casino operators, bookmakers, and other gambling experts use their industry knowledge to stand out and highlight specific trends. Some examples include ICE 365, GLI iGaming Workshops, and Gambling Compliance Workshops.

Event Focus: Regulations, Operations, Affiliate Marketing, and Payments

This category is quite versatile because the topics covered depend on what the iGaming industry needs at the time.

These events focus on different areas of online gambling. They aim to share strategies for things like getting more players, getting licenses, working well with regulators, improving how payments work, and more.

Speaking of payments, cryptocurrencies have become a big part of online gambling, giving players more options.

SOFTSWISS is a leader in online crypto gambling and stays up-to-date with how cryptocurrencies are used in iGaming. That’s why they plan to attend various events in 2023 about digital currencies.

These events might focus on rules, how things work behind the scenes, marketing partnerships, or payments. They provide detailed information for people who want to dig deeper into a specific aspect of iGaming.

Top 3 iGaming Events in 2023

Here’s a list of some of the hottest iGaming events that are a must-visit for both exhibitors and attendees. These events are like treasures of networking and industry knowledge. Also, for exhibitors, it’s a chance to shine and connect with an eager and diverse audience.

ICE London

Since it began, ICE has been one of the top iGaming events worldwide. Every year, Clarion Gaming brings together newcomers and big industry players, offering great networking opportunities.

Despite concerns that pandemic restrictions in 2022 might limit in-person meetings, ICE 2022 turned out to be a success. This year’s event was even larger, with over 35,000 attendees from 650+ brands signed up to participate.

Professionals from various fields, such as Betting, Bingo, Casino, Lottery, Mobile, Online, Payments, Social, Esports, Sports betting, and Street, will be present at ICE London in 2023.

Moreover, experts and conference organizers are stressing the importance of this year’s conference in helping the struggling land-based gaming industry recover from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

SBC Summit Barcelona

SBC Summit Barcelona, organized by SBC, will take place in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, from September 19 to 21, 2023. This offline summit promises to be a significant event in the iGaming sector.

SBC Summit Barcelona is the industry’s leading event, making Barcelona the hub of the iGaming world. Following its immense success in 2022, this year’s event is going even bigger, with a whopping 38,000 square meters hosting 300 exhibitors, including the SOFTSWISS team.

The summit will feature over 450 expert speakers, sharing insights on various aspects of business growth.

This summit will present niches and topics of discussion like Sports betting, Casino and iGaming, Payments and compliance, Affiliates, marketing and media, Emerging tech, blockchain, and metaverse.

A longstanding tradition of the SBC Summit is the SBC Awards, which recognize the achievements of top brands.

In 2022, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, a robust software platform for bookmaking operations, earned the prestigious Rising Star in Sports Betting award at the SBC Awards Latinoamerica.

SiGMA Europe

Another event that still has to come is the SiGMA Europe, a summit organized by the SiGMA Group, taking place at MFCC (North Gate) in Malta in November 2023. It’s an exciting offline event you won’t want to miss.

When it comes to iGaming, Malta stands out as a central hub. SiGMA Europe is like an online gambling ecosystem that brings together business, entrepreneurship, and iGaming.

The event primarily attracts online gaming operators, SaaS providers, and affiliates, but it also welcomes newcomers to the iGaming world.

One of SiGMA’s highlights is its pitch event, where ten budding iGaming brands compete for mentoring opportunities from industry leaders and media experts.

So, as you can see, there are still some options left for this year’s events related to gambling. Make sure you do your research about them so that you can plan your attendance and participation effectively.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or just stepping into iGaming, these events offer valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and staying updated on the latest trends.


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