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Twitter is now X, from logo to brand name. Many are expressing dismay over this rebranding move from Elon Musk’s team, and Apple customers are bringing their frustrations to App Store by giving the app 1-star reviews.

According to a new analysis by Sensor Tower (via TechCrunch), there has been a surge of 1-star reviews since the day the rebranding of the app started. It noted that two weeks ago, the 1-star reviews from all the U.S. iOS users were only over 50%. This has now reached almost 78%, the firm says.

Without the need to explain, the spike in the 1-star reviews is directly linked to the rebranding of the app. Sensor Tower notes that almost all of these 1-star reviews criticize the renaming of Twitter, including the change of its logo.

Sensor Tower’s analysis also shows that users’ daily sessions on the app dipped by 6% after the rebranding, while the amount of time being spent by the users decreased by 7%. On a positive note, despite all these number declines, the analysis also discovered an interesting positive growth in the app’s installs globally. According to the firm, X experienced 20% week-over-week growth after the rebranding. Also, the platform reportedly has a 3% to 4% weekly user growth.


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