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Apple will soon inevitably have to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), forcing it to open its ecosystem to third-party downloading platforms. Once pushed, the competition for the Cupertino giant will spike. The company, nonetheless, seems to be already anticipating this, causing it to launch a new page on its official website.

Labeled “Apps by Apple,” the page highlights Apple’s app offerings for its customers. The place is divided into different app sections, such as Communication, Creativity, Productivity, and more. Each section further includes descriptions, allowing users to better understand what apps it contains.

Moreover, the page comes with hints pointing at the new apps iOS 17 will bring in the coming weeks. It also mentions some built-in features Apple devices offer, including Siri, iCloud, and more.

While the entire effort sounds irrelevant to some, it is likely part of Apple’s first step in embracing the EU’s DMA policies.

With a status as a gatekeeper, the iPhone maker has to comply with the act to allow its customers to download applications from other sources aside from its App Store. This will open Apple’s current exclusive ecosystem to competition, which could allow other third-party apps to overshadow its own creations in the future. By having a dedicated page for its apps, nonetheless, the company probably hopes to direct the spotlight to its offerings despite the new competition it will face.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will likely introduce the sideloading functionality in the iOS 17 update of Apple, though it will still be in the Spring of 2024. According to Gurman, Apple would “downplay it and lock it down so significantly.” If this is true, it means Apple will roll out the function without making big or huge direct announcements about it, and it will be hidden inside Settings. This should discourage users not only from using the sideloading option but also from discovering it. Moreover, as the report stressed, the option will only be available to EU customers.


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