Avast Secure Browser Review

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Avast Secure Browser is a privacy and security-conscious web browser that keeps you safe and private as you browse the web. Using Avast Secure Browser, users may surf the web without being interrupted by advertisements or unwanted assaults from websites or hackers. The use of advanced security and privacy measures ensures that all sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

Avast Secure Browser blocks online monitoring and hides unique browser profiles from marketers, thanks to many levels of privacy protection and built-in integration with Avast SecureLine VPN. Securing your banking information with encryption and using Avast Antivirus are just a few of the other features available.

However, is that it? Or is there more to the Avast Secure Browser? In the course of this article, we shall provide an in-depth review of the browser. Thus, if you were contemplating switching to a different browser and found Avast Secure Browser to be a good option, here is all you need to know before you switch.

Getting to know the creators of Avast Secure Browser

The Avast Corporation was founded in 1988 by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera. The organization also has a dedicated leadership team that includes some of the most well-known figures in the industry. However, the company’s general reputation has been tarnished by its long history of data sharing to third parties. As a result of security concerns, it has been thoroughly investigated between 2017 and 2020.

Avast has been accused of collecting user browsing histories and selling them to third parties through its subsidiary Jumpsuit, potentially generating millions of dollars by packaging your sensitive browsing data. Everything from your Google Maps location searches to your browser history can be included in this data.

It is surprising that a corporation with the most popular antivirus software is ironically linked to similar data leaks.

The decisive question is that: does the history of the creators and the browser affect its efficacy and current-day operations of the Avast Secure Browser? To know more, keep reading.


Features or Extensions in Avast Secure Browser

The Avast Secure Browser has 8 main extensions or features that come pre-installed with the browser. Here is a detailed elucidation on each of these extensions and their functions that factor into bettering the Avast Secure Browser.

1. Ad Blocker

Avast Secure Browser comes standard with an ad blocker, which is a must-have for any browser that cares about your privacy. As when you were using an ad-blocking tool, Avast’s browser will eliminate annoying pop-ups and banners.

Because it is activated by default and supports third-party filters, dynamic filtering rules, custom filters, and whitelists, this browser’s ad blocker is a great option. That means you can choose which adverts you want to ban and which sites you want to allow for showing adverts.

The ad blocker’s strength can also be adjusted. Essential, Balanced, or Strict are the three choices available. Ads that violate the Acceptable Ads Standard, such as auto-playing movies and pop-up ads, are blocked by essential blocking. 

Avast suggests balanced blocking, which prevents both aggressive and non-intrusive adverts from slowing down your browser. However, there will still be adverts that are useful. Ads will not appear in Strict mode.

2. Anti-tracking

Avast Secure Browser offers an anti-tracking feature in addition to an ad blocker. Automatic activation of “Do Not Track” is made possible through the use of this function. To put it another way, every time you visit a website or log into an analytics or ad network service, a request is made to stop tracking your online activities. This browser also helps you regain control of your privacy totally, prohibiting oddities on the websites you visit from collecting information that could compromise your security online.

3. Anti-fingerprinting

To help you stand out from the crowd of Internet users, an increasing number of sites are now leveraging your browser fingerprint. In contrast to cookies, websites use your browser fingerprint to monitor you without your permission or knowledge.

Anti-fingerprinting technology like that of Avast Secure Browser can help. By default, it prohibits websites from tracking your browsing history and device details. So advertisers are given a bare minimum to work with when it comes to creating a distinct profile of you. Additionally, it aids in limiting online tracking and safeguarding your personal information.

4. Anti-phishing

It’s possible for Internet users to be targeted by phishing attempts. Phishing occurs when a cybercriminal assumes the identity of a reputable organization (such as a bank) in order to get access to a victim’s private information. This can include anything from your username and password to your credit card information.

The anti-phishing technology in Avast Secure Browser guards you against clicking on links that take you to a phishing site inadvertently. Avast also checks every page you visit against a comprehensive list of hazardous sites. Sites that attempt to steal your data or infect your computer with malware will be prevented from accessing your personal information as a result.

5. Bank Mode

Avast Secure Browser’s Bank Mode is another privacy-enhancing feature. In Bank Mode, you use a virtual desktop that shields you from keylogging and other sorts of eavesdropping by recording everything you type. When you visit a banking or payment website, this feature is activated by default. This mode can be turned on or off by hand as well.

Although Avast has a number of privacy safeguards built into it, the Bank Mode option doesn’t. However, the good news is that you may download it for free through your browser.

6. Password Manager

Avast Secure Browser includes a password manager by default. Avast’s password manager will handle all of your passwords for you, so you won’t have to keep track of them yourself. This function is fantastic since it ensures the safety of all of your browser’s passwords. Due to Avast encrypting your password with AES-256, which is the best encryption standard available, your passcode is safe.

You can also use the password manager to automatically log in to your various accounts. Avast’s password manager can also generate a strong, unique password for you if you’re having trouble coming up with one.

7. Extension Guard

Using Avast’s Extension Guard, you’ll be shielded from substandard and counterfeit extensions. Extensions and add-ons that haven’t been thoroughly tested are automatically blocked, but those that have been well tested can be installed. In addition, it warns you if an extension you’re about to install needs access to your data and prompts you to grant it. Avast provides you the option to either block or install the extension in situations like this.

8. Webcam Guard

For most of us, the sight of a laptop with its webcam obscured is all too commonplace. The webcam on your laptop is almost certainly also protected. To avoid becoming the next victim of webcam hacking, we add this layer of protection to our gadgets.

Because of this, Avast has built a Webcam Guard into its browser. Protecting your device’s camera is easier with Webcam Guard, which gives you more control. Webcam access might be granted permanently or only for a short period of time when visiting a specific site. Apps and malware can’t use your webcam without your permission thanks to this feature.


Review of Avast Secure Browser – What We Think of Avast Secure Browser

Here is a detailed review of the Avast Secure Browser based on the following factors:

1. Features

If you have a lot of open tabs and want to organize them, you can right-click on the tab and select “Add to Tab Group,” then create a new group or add the tab to an existing one. Choose a name for the group and a color for it. 

You may find browser extensions in a variety of categories in the Avast Addons shop.

The rest of Avast’s features are exactly what you’d expect. With a little tweaking, you may alter the color scheme and theme, pick how new windows open, and set Avast to be your default browser.

Besides, a number of features provided by Avast Secure Browser are unique to the browser itself, making it an ideal option (better than most browsers selling themselves as ‘better and unique’).

2. Interface aned User Experience

Because both Avast and Chrome are based on the same Chromium code, the two systems have a striking resemblance visually. Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo are your other options if you’d rather not use Google as your default search engine. 

As a result, the learning curve is essentially non-existent because you’re already familiar with how the browser and search engine look and feel.

When browsing the Internet, you can choose which advertisements to block.

Ads are automatically blocked by Avast, which reduces the time it takes for a page to load. All advertising can be hidden, or only the most aggressive ones can be hidden with the AdBlocker feature.

3. Privacy and Security

When you use Avast to browse the web, your data is protected from hackers and third-party tracking is prevented. Anti-Phishing blocks malicious downloads and websites, while Extension Guard blocks harmful extensions. Avast also forces sites to use encryption, which further protects your information.

4. Hack Check

The Hack Check feature of Avast Secure Browser allows you to check if your email address has been leaked or compromised as a result of a data breach. Avast’s Anti-Fingerprinting technology hides your online identity, preventing websites from recognising or tracking your online profile. As with many browsers, you can check if your passwords were leaked by running your email address through the Hack Check tool.

5. Ad Blocking Feature

Avast’s ad blocker can be paused or unpaused by clicking on the grey shield in the upper right corner of a browser window.

It is possible to temporarily disable Avast’s built in ad blocker when you are on a site where you would like to see advertisements. Ad-blocking can be paused or unpaused by clicking the grayed-out Shield icon on the top-right of the browser.

We had no problems with the ad-blocker. Using Avast, online pages loaded quickly and articles were easier to read because there weren’t any adverts popping up as you scrolled. It was also easier to read than a standard ad-filled page, which was cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Platforms and Availability

Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows users may all enjoy the security and privacy benefits of using the Avast browser.

With browser data synced between all of your devices, you’ll never lose your bookmarks or history while switching between them. There is no need to enable this feature if you do not want your data to be synced, and you can still use Avast on all of your devices.

7. How it aligns with its competitors

Different browser settings may yield different results, and the score disparity wasn’t huge to begin with, so you might argue that they’re all approximately the same in terms of speed.

Avast’s privacy options go above and beyond what you’ll find in other browsers. Examples of this are the Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Phishing features that we discussed before.


What makes Avast Secure Browser different?

In most ways, that Avast Secure Browser is superior to other browsers in terms of privacy and speed. This is what, we feel, are the two distinguishing components of the Avast Secure Browser.

1. Excellent Protection of your Privacy

Avast Secure Browser’s commitment to user privacy is one of its distinguishing features. Advertising is the primary source of income for most web browsers. Ads, on the other hand, follow you around and infringe on your privacy in a big way. Although you can add ad blockers and other privacy plugins to some web browsers like Chrome, Avast performs all of that for you automatically. Using Avast, you don’t have to search the Internet for the finest ad blocker for your browser.

Avast Secure Browser distinguishes out even amid the private browser group. At the very least, other privacy-focused web browsers obstruct adverts and trackers. In addition, Avast Secure Browser has a lot more to offer. Additionally, it shields you from browser fingerprinting, safeguards your online transactions, thwarts malware attacks, and so on. Avast covers all the basics when it comes to protecting your privacy.

2. Improved Speed and Performance

Avast Secure Browser’s speed is another major differentiator. When it comes to browser speed, Avast claims theirs is up to four times faster than the competition. Fortunately, they have delivered on their promise; customers have noticed a significant speed improvement when compared to popular browsers like Chrome and Edge.

A big part of the browser’s performance is due to its ad-blocking capabilities. In order to make money, browsers that don’t specialize in privacy protection bombard you with ads. These adverts are not only unpleasant, but they also slow down the loading of your material. If you use Avast Secure Browser, you can expect to see your material load faster and get more done with the time you save because it blocks advertisements and flash files.


What do we not like about Avast Secure Browser?

Although the advantages can far outweigh the disadvantages any day, there certainly are a few disadvantages to using the Avast Secure Browser, as explained below:

1. Grayed-out Extensions

Some Avast users may find it annoying since they cannot uninstall any of the pre-installed Avast Secure Browser extensions, despite the fact that they are really beneficial. The only way to get rid of the extensions you don’t want to use is to uninstall them. That causes the browser to become cluttered with grayed-out options rather than removing them.

2. Non-Compatibility with multiple OS

It’s a deal-breaker for users who wish to sync the browser across multiple platforms, such as iOS, Mac, or Linux, because Avast only offers the browser for Windows.

3. Limited functionality

Some Avast features, such as the VPN and bank mode, necessitate the use of additional Avast products. To get the most out of Avast, you’ll have to get rid of all of your existing protection software.


Avast Secure Browser vs. Google Chrome – A Brief Comparison of the Key Highlights

When knowing about Avast Secure Browser in an in-depth manner, it is also important to understand how it compares to Google Chrome, since both of these web browsers have strikingly the same appearance (and a number of features). Here is a comparison between Avast and Chrome based on the following factors:

1. Features

While Avast Secure Browser shares many features with Chrome, it also prioritizes user security and privacy. The browser’s built-in adblocker is the first thing you’ll notice. By disabling advertising, you may browse the web without interruptions and pages will load faster.

The adblocker can be enabled from the toolbar with a few clicks. Once enabled, you can easily view how many ads were banned on a given page. With a simple click, you can pause Adblock on a specific website or all websites.

The Adblock feature is based on uBlock, which is very effective. You can choose from three presets: Essential, Balanced, or Strict. While the Strict configuration offers the strongest protection, it may cause some websites to not load properly.

You can also add websites to the exclusion list if you want to see adverts on that page or if Adblock causes problems rendering the page. So you can be sure websites aren’t monitoring you or trying to steal your login details. The browser also contains an extension guard that prevents you from installing malicious extensions.

Finally, a webcam protection function prevents websites from accessing your webcam. Avast Secure Browser also features a Hack Check tool that may examine your email for hijacked online accounts.

You can access the Security & Privacy Center at any moment by clicking on the toolbar. Antivirus, Bank Mode, and VPN are also available, but require additional Avast software to use.

Overall, Avast Secure Browser is a fantastic browser with a surprising ad blocker. Other security features are excellent additions that will increase your online security.

Google Chrome has a customizable address bar that may give you information at a glance. You can check the weather, do elementary math, and convert currencies straight from your address bar. This is a little feature that may be useful to some.

With Chrome, you can sync your bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history across all your devices using your Google account. Tab grouping allows you to group tabs and reduce them to better organize open tabs when multitasking.

Chrome’s Search Tabs function allows you to quickly locate any open tab by typing its title into the search bar. Chrome also has multimedia capabilities, which may be controlled from the toolbar. Of course, there’s Chromecast and Stadia support.

This browser is quite secure, and you can always do a fast Safety check to make sure your browser isn’t compromised.

A Safe Browsing feature in Chrome will safeguard you from harmful websites and downloads. Note that some settings need you to provide Google your browsing data for analysis.

Intruding or deceptive adverts are blocked by the browser’s built-in ad blocker, which is disabled by default. However, it is hidden under settings and requires a few clicks to access.

Both Chrome and Avast Secure Browser are built on Chromium, but Avast offers stronger protection and an easier to use ad blocker.

2. Security comparison

While Google Chrome is already a secure browser, Avast Secure Browser adds a few extra layers of protection.

The built-in Adblock is a terrific bonus because it allows you to customise your settings and prevent even the most difficult adverts.

However, Chrome’s ad-blocking feature is basic and hidden in the settings, making it unlikely that consumers will ever find it.

Avast Secure Browser offers all security and privacy features right in the toolbar, and you can enable them all with a single click.

Both browsers are safe because they use the same engine, but we prefer Avast Secure Browser because it offers more privacy options and a solid ad blocker.

3. Performance

Avast Secure Browser performed flawlessly in our tests. On a low-end PC, we obtained roughly 75% CPU and 424MB RAM use with five active tabs and full HD video buffering.

On a home page, we obtained roughly 1.5 percent CPU and 160MB RAM use.

We ran the same test on Chrome with five tabs and full HD video buffering and got up to 85% CPU and 414MB RAM use.

Chrome consumed nearly no CPU and up to 100MB RAM while on the home page.

We weren’t shocked that both browsers use nearly the same amount of resources because they share the same engine.

Remember that Avast may use slightly more memory than Chrome, but this isn’t a cause for concern.

We had no issues with either browser, so we’d say they’re nearly identical in terms of performance, with Chrome using slightly less memory at times.


Final Verdict – Is Avast Secure Browser Good and Should You Switch?

When it comes to security, Avast is a company that takes it very seriously, and its browser follows suit. Additionally, Avast Secure Browser offers a number of privacy and security features that can be used in conjunction with other Avast security products, both free and paid. In terms of security, privacy, and speed, it is up there with the best of them.

When it comes to protecting one’s privacy when visiting the Internet, Avast Secure Browser/Avast SafeZone Browser is a proven rival. Some of Avast’s more distinctive features, such as bank mode and anti-fingerprinting, are not available in other browsers. In addition, if you employ a VPN connection, its capabilities are multiplied tenfold.

Avast Secure Browser is still worth a look, despite all of this. Faster than most browsers, yet with more privacy and security features than most. This browser has some drawbacks, but they are offset by the degree to which it protects your privacy. When you use Avast Secure Browser, you won’t have to worry about securing your sensitive information online. We’d love to hear your thoughts after using this browser.


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