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Aviator App Features: Main Details

Aviator game was developed a few years ago. It was included in almost every betting and gambling app on the world’s known platforms. Aviator games attract new users due to their eye-catching design, simple gameplay, and interesting possibilities for money raising. Some gambling and betting experts admit that Aviator is a truly disruptive innovation in the gambling market. It was developed in correspondence with the latest software trends and requirements. The game could be run on any device, almost in any place in the world. The only thing that you should secure is a stable internet connection. Every player may gain access to the Aviator game by the installation of the service provider application. One of the reliable Aviator app to consider is the betting and gambling app 1win. The usage of the 1win application will secure a safe and lawful gaming experience. You will be able to safely deposit and withdraw money from your account. Moreover, 1win application is fully licensed, and they have obtained a Curacao license, which means that 1win service provider is fully legal and trustworthy. 1win clients may easily complete the registration process and start enjoying the Aviator game in just a few simple steps. The fun time is guaranteed.

1win application specification

1win has proven itself as a highly technological gambling and betting service provider. And their application is not exempt. The application was developed in correspondence with the current trends and technical requirements for gambling applications. The application may be installed on almost any type of electronic device. The specifications of the 1win application may be found below:

Foundation Date 2007
License Curacao license
Software version v. 1.5.2
Languages Hindi, Bengali, English, etc.
Mobile App availability both for iOS and Android
Services Aviator game, casino, live betting, pre-match betting, slot machines, poker
Minimum Deposit INR 100
Maximum Deposit No limit
Customer Support Permanent support via cell phone, chat, and email
Services Sports betting, online casinos, slots, etc.
Download Cost Free to download
Supported Countries 97 supported countries, including India, and many other countries

The 1win application supports 97 counties, so you can access your account almost everywhere. The customer support service works for you 24 by 7. Any issue will be resolved at the earliest convenience. As you can already understand, the list of advantages is really impressive. Only a few gambling and betting companies may have the same specification. The application works both on Android and iOS, which makes it available to almost everyone.

How to install the 1win application on your Android device?

In order to successfully install the 1win Mobile application on Android devices it is recommended to follow the simple instructions below. Please read the instructions carefully and perform the actions required in the order that is described in the instructions. The installation process includes the following steps:

  1. First, you need to adjust your mobile device settings menu. Open the settings menu and select “security” you should allow your device to download files from third-party sources;
  2. The second step requires you to open your browser and open 1win official website. At the bottom of the initial page, you may find the APK file button. Please click this button. This action will transfer you to the mobile application installation source. The system will automatically allow you to download the APK file;
  3. You need to accept the APK file and download it to your mobile device;
  4. After the APK file is downloaded on your device. You need to run it and follow the instruction process. It will ask for your confirmation upon the loading is complete. The application would be ready to use.

How to install the 1win application on your iOS device?

The process of installation is pretty easy, isn’t it? You may also find the iOS installation process below:

  1. Open your browser and access 1win official website;
  2. Go to the bottom of the initial page and find the “mobile apps” button. Click this button, a new window will be opened. Now, click on “Download iOS app”;
  3. You should agree to download the proposed file. After some loading, an application would be ready to use.

Aviator game useful tips and tricks

As every gambling game aviator has its own useful strategies and tricks that could be used in order to maximize profit and obtain maximum joy during the gaming process. The aviator game is pretty simple. When the game starts and an airplane starts its flight and starts gaining multipliers, the more airplane flights, the hire the chances of a crash. Here you can find some useful Aviator game strategies:

  • This strategy will perfectly suit players with a small bankroll. If you have such a bankroll, you will need to stick to the budget strategy. To do so, set the bet size to about INR 100 and set the auto cash out limit at the level of 1,2 multiplier. According to statistics, an airplane crashes when it reaches 1.4-2.4 multiplier. Therefore, if you stop at 1.20, you have a significant chance of winning, albeit a small amount. A series of ten successful bets will pay off all investments, after which you may multiply the bankroll;
  • Another gambling strategy that would be useful for players with middle and high stakes. Such players could utilize the strategy that is called the Martingale system. The idea behind that strategy is the following – after each loss, the player should double the bet and do this until you win. Upon win you return to the initial bet value. In accordance with the mathematical and statistical theories, there is only a win-win condition, but the bet amount should be adjusted to secure as many possible increasing bets as possible.

However, the players should also be aware that the Aviator game is based on random number generation, and there is always a risk of losing a bet. The strategies listed above may help you to save the bets and multiply them in the long run.


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