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After updating to iOS 16.5.1, users are reporting battery issues. The only solution for this is another update from Apple itself since rolling back to 16.5 is no longer possible after the company stopped signing it.

Apple released iOS 16.5 on May 18, but it came with certain bugs that affected users’ experience. In particular, the issues involved Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. In June, the Cupertino giant released iOS 16.5.1 to address the problem alongside other security flaws.

The main highlight of the update is the fix for the security flaw discovered by Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab. Labeled CVE-2023-32434, researchers said the flaw involved an iMessage containing a malicious attachment that could infect a device without directly seeing the message. Kaspersky’s report explained that it could lead to file modification and stealing, password extraction, and even viewing of the user’s location.

Unfortunately, users say there are problems with this new update, claiming it causes extreme battery drainage. In a thread shared on Reddit, different iOS users share the same experience. 

“After updating to iOS 16.5.1 I’ve noticed that my battery drains extremely fast and I get max 5 hours of screen time,” shares one iOS user. “I don’t play games, just use messengers, sometimes listening to music with AirPods Pro 2. I usually charge my iPhone overnight. WiFi and Bluetooth are always turned on, always on display turn off. Battery health is 100% and 89 cycle count. Before updating to iOS 16.5.1 I used to get two full days of usage and now one max.”

The user says the iPhone 14 Pro Max was bought in March, but it was like using a two-year-old unit after the update. The user adds that the experience has been the same for a couple of days now, and others confirm the same problem.

“Same here,” comments a user. “Had this issue with a prior iOS version and it got a bit better on 16.5 but then is back with a vengeance on 16.5.1. Maybe it’s to ‘encourage’ us to upgrade to iPhone 15 Pro.”

In Apple Community, other iOS users believe 16.5.1 has worsened the battery problem on their devices. “I actually hadn’t noticed any battery issues from the iOS 16 updates up to this point,” shares a user. “UNFORTUNATELY, 16.5.1 seems to have destroyed my battery. It died within a few hours of a 100% charge. My phone is not the newest so I’m not expecting a stellar battery life as is, but it was a pretty drastic difference overnight (quite literally since my phone auto-updated in the middle of the night). Hopefully a future update fixes this because it’s super bad.”

Usually, aside from waiting for a new update to fix the problem, some users resort to rolling back to a previous update. However, this is no longer possible for those with the iOS 16.5.1 update. To recall, Apple stopped signing the update, which means those who have it won’t be able to return to iOS 16.5 or older update versions. With this, the only solution for this current battery issue affecting different users can only be resolved through a new update from Apple. 


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