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Toys, video game consoles, and models may all benefit from a little bit of compressed air to keep them clean and in good operating order. Listed below are a few of our top picks for compressed air cans along with a complete buying guide.


1.  Falcon Dust-Off Compressed Air (12 oz. – 12 Pack)

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If you’re looking for the best compressed air option available and you have a lot of stuff to clean, the Falcon Dust-Off compressed-gas duster makes it simple to keep all of your equipment, books, electronics, models, and display items dust-free and clean. An extension straw makes it simple to reach those hard-to-reach places, whether they are high on a bookshelf or deep inside your computer. A single 12-ounce can is large enough to handle extended projects, and it comes with an extension straw.


2.  Ultra Duster Canned Air (10 oz. – 6 Pack)

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The Ultra Duster 6-pack is the best option if you have a lot of cleaning to do and need to do it on a tight budget. Each 10 oz. of canister contains a straw extender and no CFCs, so you won’t be harming the environment while keeping your computer or display model clean and running well.


3.  Office Depot Cleaning Duster (10 oz. – 3 Pack)


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One of the best options available for a mid-range compressed air multi-pack is the Office Depot Cleaning Duster 3-pack. Moreover, they are among the most affordable options on this list, making this a great choice if regular cleaning of your desk or technology is a necessity for you.


4.  WD-40 Electrical Cleaner (11 oz. – 6 Pack)

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In contrast to the other products on this list, the WD-40 Electrical Cleaner does not rely solely on compressed air for cleaning. It also contains a cleaning agent that dries quickly, allowing you to safely clean electronics without leaving behind any harmful residue that could impair performance in the future.

When dust isn’t the only problem, and you have actual messes to clean up, this is the most effective method of ensuring that your equipment remains in peak operating condition.


5.  Impact Select Air Duster (10 oz. – 8 Pack)


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A good choice is the Impact Select series, which includes four 10-ounce compressed air cans in a convenient 8-pack format. Keep a can of compressed air in each room of your home or apartment so that you always have quick dusting solutions available.



Factors to Consider before Buying Compressed Air Cans

1.   Price

Before acquiring a compressed air can, it is critical to compare pricing from different vendors. Comparing features should be done in conjunction with pricing comparisons so that you are aware of what you are paying for.

2.   Airflow

The amount of air that must pass through a compressed air can in order for it to function correctly is referred to as the air flow. The higher the airflow rate, the better the device’s operation will be. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the unit of measurement for airflow. As a result, it should be obvious that the best compressed air can with a higher airflow will produce a greater volume of air.

3.   Portability

In order to make cleaning easier, make sure the compressed air can is portable. It should be simple to go from one location to another in order to increase convenience.


What is inside the Compressed Air Cans?

Aerosol dusters are not referred to as “canned air” or “compressed air duster” because they contain a refrigerant or propellant that cannot be considered breathable air. As with any other aerosol product, proper ventilation is essential when using a duster.

Aerosol dusters use a propellant that is one of the following:

●     HFC-134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, CAS #811-97-2) –

Modern air conditioning systems commonly employ this material. Professional and industrial use is common because of its nonflammability, making it a desirable choice. HFC-134a is one of the finest solutions when sparks or fires are a possibility (e.g. spraying high voltage electrical items).

HFC-134a’s drawback is the harm it does to the environment. GWP 1400, which indicates it has 1400 times the impact of CO2 on the climate. Fortunately, because it is not a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), it has no impact on air pollution or smog formation.

●     HFC-152a (1,1-difluoroethane, CAS #75-37-6) –

Due to its lower price, consumers are more likely to find HFC-152a (1,1-difluoroethane, CAS #75-37-6) in retail stores. Since concentrated HFC-152a is combustible, an ignition source could cause a fire (e.g. sparks or flame).

Spraying in a confined space, where fumes could accumulate, or turning the container and releasing liquid are the two most dangerous scenarios. HFC-152a dusters have a GWP of 130, which is approximately one-tenth the impact of HFC-134a. HFC-152a, on the other hand, is not classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC), making it a more “green” alternative to HFC-134a.

●     HFO-1234ze (trans- 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene, CAS #29118-24-9) –

New equipment for blowing off dust and grime has become available because of the increased attention on global warming. In contrast to CO2, HFO-1234ze is non-flammable and has a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1.

Even though it’s a far cry from HFC-134a and HFC-152a, it has the advantage of being VOC-free. So why don’t we all use HFO-1234ze duster? For a newer technology that hasn’t been widely adopted by large-scale applications like air conditioning, it is more expensive than other options. Prices are likely to fall as more people use it and rules mandate use. This is predicted to become increasingly common.

●     CO2 (carbon dioxide, CAS #124-38-9) –

With carbon dioxide, we are getting close to “canned air,” but you still can’t breathe it. Metal air cannon cartridges are the most common container for CO2 because of its high pressure. Spray systems use these cartridges, which plug into the system and may be swapped out. As an inert gas with a low global warming potential and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2 offers several advantages over liquid propellants, but also some drawbacks.

These include the need for regular cartridge replacement and a spray force that falls short of liquid propellants. In addition, as the cartridge depletes, the CO2 spray force decreases, making the first half of the cartridge more beneficial.

●     DME (Dimethyl ether, CAS #115-10-6) –

Due to safety and environmental issues, DME-based dusters aren’t as prevalent as other types of dusters. DME is very combustible and contributes to the formation of smog.


4 Electric Air Dusters for Cleaning PC

An electric computer duster, which is precisely intended to blow dust off your fragile electronics in an environmentally friendly manner, may be purchased for a fraction of the cost of compressed air cans.


1.   MetroVac ED500-ESD Electric Duster

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Using an electric air duster like the MetroVac ED500-ESD is a great way to keep your expensive PC hardware clean. In terms of air-blowing power, the ED500P electric duster is on par with other small electric leaf blowers, thanks to a 500 Watt motor that generates around 0.75 horsepower. If it were a little bigger, you could theoretically use it to blow leaves around.

Using an electric duster to clean the inside of your PC case, rather than the desktop, may be a beneficial upgrade for those who routinely use an electric duster. However, many users have reported using the ED500P safely to clean out their PC cases for years without any harmful results, so don’t ignore it completely.

In terms of power, the ED500-ESD has the same 500 Watt motor and 0.75 horsepower rating. The electric air duster market is now dominated by devices like this one. The ED500-ESD is, unfortunately, no different in terms of volume. You shouldn’t use this electric duster around pets or children under the age of 5 at all. Due to its robust plastic grip, it also gets a little warm, although this isn’t a problem.

Plastics are a big part of what makes this model different from the original. For the ED500-ESD, static electricity is not a problem because the plastic air nozzles are composed of ESD-safe plastics. There is a built-in dust brush with this machine, as well as a concentrator nozzle, air-flare, and air-pin pointer.

Although this kit includes a grounding power supply connection and an ESD-safe wrist strap, these features don’t justify the additional expense of the ESD version unless you have an endless supply of cleaning materials. There are wrist straps for as little as $5 on Amazon.

To conclude, if you intend to use your computer duster to clean PC cases on a regular basis, you should consider upgrading to the DataVac’s ESD-safe version. Otherwise, the additional cost just adds a small amount of value to the product.


2.   XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Air Pump Blower

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The XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro is our top pick for the best air compressor for cleaning PCs. Because of its high power rating of 500 watts, the XPOWER blower reviewers love it.

The 9 nozzle attachments that come with this computer cleaning air compressor allow for a wide range of applications.

It is suitable for cleaning a variety of devices because to its high airflow rate of 90 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

To name a few things, you can use this electric dust blower to keep your laptops, desktops, and other electronic devices clean. Because it is so light, moving it about is as simple as saying the ABCs.

It also comes with a built-in two-speed control, allowing you maximum versatility during cleaning operations.

Because the filter may be washed and replaced, attaining the best possible result is not a mirage. With a 10-foot power cord, it’s easy to store, and the cable can be wrapped around the machine for easy access.


3.   SIN SHINE – Compressed Air 3.0 Electric Air Blower

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A fourth-best air compressor for cleaning PCs is the electric air blower SIN SHINE. It has a powerful 550-watt motor to provide flawless blowing at all times.

It has a blowing speed of 27 meters per second (MPS), thus it can remove dust at a high pressure.

Using its dynamic light irradiation, you can effortlessly position it at the cleaning region to get the best results.

Additionally, this air compressor for cleaning has a cord length of 10 feet, so there is no restriction while blowing. As a result of its svelte design and low weight, it’s easy to handle when performing procedures.

To ensure optimal performance, it includes a set of three nozzles, each with three brushes. An effective machine for removing trash and dust can be purchased at a reasonable price.


4.   X3 Hurricane Cordless Electric Duster

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One of the most small and powerful electric dusters on the market is the X3 Hurricane, which looks like a can of mace. Smaller than an actual can of compressed air, it readily fits in the pocket of a laptop case’s carry bag. A 260 MPH air outflow is possible when using this device. Because it is powered by a battery, this is extremely astounding.

Battery life for the X3 Hurricane’s built-in battery is up to 15 minutes. When you add in its small size and a set of five straw-shaped detachable nozzles, cleaning your PC has never been easier. The X3’s attachment choices are limited, yet this is where it shines the most.

With a variable power control and a built-in air filter that filters particulate matter from the air, you can easily go light on delicate fans and CPUs with this device. So that noise and heat, which cannot be avoided, can be easily controlled. The X3 Hurricane has a lot of power and speed.

However, the durability of this electric duster is unquestionable. Canless Air (the manufacturer of the X3) even promises a lifetime warranty for this product. For the simple reason that Li-ion batteries don’t last forever, this is a huge benefit. In contrast, the X3’s battery can endure for more than 750 cycles and recharges in about 4 to 6 hours.

This would be a no-brainer if not for the astronomical price tag. The X3 Hurricane, on the other hand, is significantly more expensive than our top pick and should only be considered if you value the battery and portability.


What metrics to consider before buying an Air Duster?


Weight and Dimension

You should always keep an eye out for how much the compressor you’re most interested in weighs. Compressors that are too hefty can injure your arm and cause pain.

The hidden coin is protected by dimensions. You may see if the unit is easy to store by doing this. There are numerous advantages to owning a tiny vehicle. Once you’ve done that, keep an eye out for the cord’s length. Most of the time, an air compressor cord with a length of ten feet or more is sufficient.

Power Source

On the basis of their power supply, air compressors for cleaning PCs can be split into two categories. Others use a corded electric connection rather than rechargeable batteries. Both of these can be better depending on your situation and how you view them from different perspectives. When asked about the price, electric-powered vehicles take the lead.

A battery-powered compressor, on the other hand, has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric compressors are powerful and have more nozzle attachments than their gas counterparts, according to our experience. Because it can be recharged on-the-go, the rechargeable device is the most convenient to carry about.


Both nozzle attachments and the compressor’s ability to be used in a variety of ways contribute to its versatility. Both are, in fact, interconnected. It is imperative that they grasp the magnitude of their value.

You gain more for your money when you purchase additional nozzle attachments for the same price. The compressor can be applied to many devices. A camera, a laptop, a medical device, and even a sofa fall into this category. Invest properly and you could get two for the price of one.

Speed Modes/Usage

There’s a good reason to turn on speed modes. As well as being versatile, this is also safe for your PC. The motherboard can be severely damaged if the airflow is too high or too low.

As a result, all that is required is a moderate amount of airflow, which may be achieved using various speed modes. This facility allows you to use an air compressor you currently own for additional purposes. Perhaps your printer or couch.


First and foremost, decide how much you’re willing to spend on an air compressor for cleaning PCs. Write down all the compressors that fit this description. The next step is to look into the features and prices of each product you’re interested in.

Keep in mind that even if you pay a lot for a few units, you receive a lot less in terms of features. However, the products themselves are of high quality. To get the most out of your compressor, make sure you know everything about it before it’s shipped.


Why is it more convenient to buy Air Dusters instead of Compressed Air Cans?


Using a compressed air duster cleaner saves time and labor since it removes dust quickly and thoroughly. They are easy to handle for lengthy periods of time because of their lightweight construction.

Cleans Hard Surfaces Easily

Using a compressed air duster is a great way to keep your work environment clean and free of dust. They can be used to clean wood, stone, concrete, and any other material with a hard surface, such as metal. Dedicated compressed air dusters are available for electronics, making it simple to clean them.

Value for Money

Compressed air dusters are a common air tool in construction and maintenance because of their portability and low cost.

Easy to Clean

Airflow is quite powerful with compressed air dusters. This makes it possible to clean areas that are otherwise inaccessible using conventional cleaning procedures.


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