Fixed: Field browser doesn’t contain a valid configuration

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Web development is a complex process, and problems such as Field browser does not include a valid alias configuration can occur while creating a new web app.

These types of issues can prohibit your web apps from functioning properly, but there is a solution, and we’ll teach you how to accomplish it in this post.


What causes the error?

  • When using Webpack, the error Field browser does not include a valid alias configuration may display, preventing you from constructing your web application.
  • This problem is quite straightforward to resolve, and we’ll show you how in this tutorial.
  • Most of the time, the problem is caused by an inaccurate file path, therefore double-check it.
  • Typos can also cause the issue, therefore double-check the configuration file thoroughly.

Solution 1: Check import paths

  • Examine your Webpack settings.
  • Find the following line:

import DoISuportIt from ‘components/DoISuportIt’;

  • Replace it with: import DoISuportIt from./components/DoISuportIt;

Check to see if the problem has been resolved after making these modifications.

Solution 2: Check the entry resolve values

  • Navigate to your configuration file.
  • Find the entry value and double-check that the path is right. The most common cause of difficulties is a missing./ at the beginning of the file name.
  • Check the resolution value to ensure that it is included.
  • This solution worked for React projects, so give it a shot.

Solution 3: Check the casing

  • Navigate to the configuration file.
  • Find the line: ./path/pathCoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component
  • Replace it with: ./path/pathcoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component

This is only one example of the problem, and it may not work for everyone, so double-check the casing on your file paths.

Solution 4: Check your aliases

  • Navigate to your configuration file.
  • Locate your aliases and double-check that they aren’t using any names that are already in use.

Users have reported Field browser does not have a valid alias configuration because they used redux as an alias, but the issue was resolved by changing it to something else.

Solution 5: Check for any typos

  • Navigate to the webpack.config.js file.
  • Look for any typos, especially those involving instructions.

Several customers noted that they used export rather than exports, which caused this issue. The problem can also occur if the export command is missing at the conclusion of the config file.

  • To solve this, simply add the following code and save the changes:

<export default Config;>

Field browser doesn’t have a valid alias configuration normally arises when Webpack isn’t properly configured or your paths aren’t accurate, however after fixing that, the problem should be resolved.


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