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Using a smartwatch can make your life hassle-free, especially if you can make phone calls. But can smartwatches make a phone call, or is it just a myth? 

Well, although you need LTE smartwatches to make phone calls through the watch without needing your phone, other smartwatches must be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and then they can make the calls( as they do not have the cellular network). 

Today, we are going to talk about smartwatches and how they can make calls without needing a smartphone. Excited? So are we. Let us keep scrolling.


Can Smartwatches Make Phone Calls?

Yes, smartwatches can easily make phone calls, but the minimum requirement is to make them with built-in cellular/ LTE 4G connectivity. If it comes with a feature that can utilize the SIM card, it will be able to make a phone call even without needing a phone.

Such smartphones can not only make phone calls but can perform other features such as sending and receiving messages, notifications and more. There are two types of sim cards available in the market for smartwatches. One is a mini-SIM card, and the other is a Nano-SIM card. 

They are both made with the purpose of making the smartwatch sufficient for making calls itself. However, most smartwatches come with virtual SIM these days, where you do not need to insert any physical sim into your smartwatch.

How to know which smartwatch can make phone calls?

Please note that even though it is a smartwatch, it does not mean it can make phone calls. Plenty of smartwatches available in the market do not make phone calls. If you’re looking for one that can make calls, then you are required to go for the one with LTW/4G or cellular connectivity. Make sure you double-check the features so that you do not end up buying the wrong ones.


What to look for in a smartwatch with a call feature- Buyer’s guide

Before you randomly buy a smartwatch just for the sake of buying, there are some factors that you must go through. You must know a few factors before purchasing an LTE smartwatch. Let us go through them-

  • Price- If you’re considering buying a smartwatch that is the LTE variant, then please note that you are required to spend more than what you pay in usually. If you compare it to the non-LTE version, you will have to pay around $100 extra. Thus, keep this in mind and set a budget before you explore the brands and available options.
  • Carriers and countries-If you are going to buy a standalone smartwatch, then make sure that you check if the cellular carrier supports it in your region. It is vital to check the supported carriers and countries; otherwise, you can end up buying the one that may not be able to make calls and work properly. You can find the list of supported carriers in your country and check the ones that are used in your region.
  • Battery life- Battery life is one of the most significant flaws that you can experience in an LTE smartwatch. Most of these watches come with poor battery life. Because of the fact that it will be connected to the cellular network all the time to receive and send data, it will require a good battery, and thus, you can not expect it to last longer. Especially if you compare it with a non-LTE watch, you will find a vast difference. However, there are some brands that promise a good battery life, and you can look out to them for the same.
  • Compatibility- The compatibility of your smartwatch with your smartphone is a factor that you can not miss seeing. Now that there are so many LTE smartwatches available, you must check their compatibility of it with the device you’re currently using before buying. For e.g., if you’re buying an apple smartwatch, then you can not pair it with any other smartphone except for iPhones. They are not compatible with any other device.
  • Good LTE-Check if the smartwatch you’re using comes with an excellent long-term evaluation or not. You must check if it is able to download music, wallpapers, and videos more quickly or not. Also, check the surfing speed of it by using a few websites.
  • Buckle strap- Most people prefer using the smartwatch that comes with removable straps. If you’re getting an option to remove the strap and change it to any desired colour, then why not? If you’re someone who likes playing with colour, checking whether the smartwatch comes with a removable strap or not is a must.
  • Ability to download apps- If your smartwatch is able to download the apps individually in it, then consider it as a plus point. 


List of best smartwatches with calling feature

1. Apple watch series 8

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If you are looking for a top-notch model to pair up with your iPhone, the Apple watch series 8 is the one. It has the LTE+GPS variant with a virtual sim so that you can make calls, send text messages and do internet surfing without needing your phone. 

It comes in different sizes with stainless steel and aluminium finish. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes with a car crash feature which is capable of detecting a crash and calling an emergency contact. It has an accurate built-in GPS sensor and supports most music apps. Even for hearing your favourite beats, you do not require your phone.

 Regarding the battery life, it has an 18-hour backup and an ultra-low power mode that can extend your battery backup by 36 hours. However, while connected to the LTE, the battery life will only be available for 1-2 hours.


  • Large screen
  • Car crash detection feature
  • Overnight temperature sensor


  • Not compatible with Android
  • Expensive
  • The limited skin temperature feature

Best suited for?- iPhone users looking for premium features.


2. Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro

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If you’re a fan of the Samsung flagship, going for this latest Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro smartwatch with a call feature is all that you need. The watch comes in two variants, pro and 5, and both are available in 4G and LTE versions. 

If you’re going for the pro version, you’re going to get a titanium casing and longer battery life. The best part about this brand is that even if you do not buy the LTE version of it, you will still be able to receive calls and reply to messages from your smartwatch as long as it is connected to your smartphone. But if you wish to make phone calls, then LTE is a must.

 Other features such as a Super AMOLED screen, sapphire crystal glass, 5 ATM water resistance power along with the built-in swimming mode are a plus point. You can expect a better battery backup as it comes with 590 mAh that can last for about four to five days and takes only 30 minutes to charge.


  • Longer battery durability
  • Built-in GPS
  • Swimming mode
  • Health features such as BP and ECG


  • Highly expensive 
  • No classic model available

Best suited for?- Android users for basic and health usage.


3. Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE and GPS

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If your main concern is to buy a smartwatch with a calling feature for your fitness concerns, going for the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE is going to be a smart investment for you. This model is exclusively manufactured for triathletes and athletes.

With this model that comes along with built-in LTE, you will not only be able to make and receive calls but can also download apps individually in your smartwatch. Since it comes with the virtual SIM feature, you do not need any physical SIM card for it. 

Some other features of this model, such as sending an SOS message to an emergency contact, transflective memory in pixel, and various fitness modes such as running, jogging, dancing, trekking and more, are the major highlights of this watch. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla DX and has a great battery backup of almost 35 hours. 


  • Amazing battery backup
  • Music streaming straight from the watch
  • Accident detection.
  • Emergency SOS calling
  • Accurate in location tracking


  • Not fully water resistant
  • No BP or ECG feature

Best suited for?- Atheletes.


4. Apple watches SE with GPS+Cellular

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Last but not least, if your concern is to be on a budget and still own a smartwatch with a calling feature, then going for Apple watch SE with GPS+Cellular is going to be the perfect one for you. If you compare it with other Apple watches, you will find it way too cheaper and affordable.

However, it does not compromise the features at all. Some of the major highlights of the model are that it comes with an Aluminum and stainless steel body and a retina display. You can wear it while swimming in a water depth of up to 50 meters and can do other physical activities such as dancing, trekking, jogging, running and more. 

Since it comes with a retina LTPO OLED display with 1000 nits brightness, you can have the proper visibility even in direct sunlight. Talking about the battery life, it is for more than 18 hours which surely is good to go feature in this price range. In addition, you can also play music without needing your phone nearby. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Sleep tracking feature
  • Waterproof and swimming proof feature
  • Gym kit support


  • Always on display
  • No premium features

Best suited for? – iPhone users looking for a budget-friendly option.


How to make and receive calls on a smartwatch?

It is normal to learn things you’re not aware of. Before buying a smartwatch with an LTE feature, you need to know how one can make and receive calls. Following are the steps to be followed-

1- How to make calls?

  • To make a call, open the app list.
  • Hover over the up button.
  • Tap on contacts.
  • Select the contact you wish to make a call with
  • You can now make a call.

If you’re using a voice assistant to make calls, please follow the given instructions-

  • Press and hold down the button of your watch for a long.
  • Give a command to your smartwatch to call the person you want to. For e.g., “Call Alex from work,” and it will be done.

If you’re making a call through your phone, the following are the steps to be followed-

  • First, hold the button on your smartwatch and open the app. Now select the same on your phone.
  • Now tap on a contact and choose the contact you wish to call. 
  • Tap on call history and go to call records (If you have called the person before, it will be available in a call record list). 
  • Tap on call records. Call back.
  • If this is the first time you have called the person, enter the number using the keypad and tap on the dial option.

2- How to receive calls?

Receiving calls from your smartwatch is a pretty simple and basic task to do. Whenever a call comes, it will flash on your smartwatch. Tap on the receive button, and it will be received.


Can we use a different number on a smartwatch?

Yes, it is possible to use a different number on a smartwatch as it comes with a physical and virtual SIM option. However, you can still check the calls, texts and other notifications via your smartphone. However, when you don’t use your phone, you can only operate all the features through your smartwatch.

Can we send or receive messages from a smartwatch?

Yes, even if you’re not using the LTE smartwatch, you will still be able to send and receive messages and check other notifications from the majority of smartwatches. However, you must confirm the features before buying one.

Wrapping up,

After reading this guide, we hope you know what to look for if you seek a smartwatch with a calling feature.  Besides the information we have provided, you can also check the list of the most recommended smartwatches with calling features without phones from above and pick the one if you wish. For your reference, we have already shared the detailed buyer’s guide, but if you still have some doubts, please feel free to comment below and let us know.


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