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Is your Airpod missing and you can’t keep calm? Relax. It is quite normal to misplace your Airpod and then worry about the same. Irrespective of the fact whether they are missing or stolen, there is still a possibility to find them and this guide is all about it. 

Let us explore the details today and discuss how you can track lost/stolen Airpods. Let’s get started-

Can lost Airpods be tracked?

The straight answer to this question is that the lost Airpods can be tracked. However, they must have an established connection to any of your Apple devices. If any of your Airpod is missing but is connected to your phone’s Bluetooth, it will be easier for you to find them. 

Alternatively, via the “Find my” application, you can find your Airpods and see them on a map. The right way to use this application is to play a sound so that you can hear it and find it. Please know that this app, however, will only show you the last available location while your Airpods are on.

How to track lost/stolen Airpods?

If your iPhone is stolen or lost and you wish to find it, then it is possible to find them via the Find My application through iCloud. Also, you can use this app on your iPhone and find your lost or stolen Airpods. If they’re connected to your device, you will be able to find them easily. 

Here are some possible scenarios in which your Airpods might be lost and a step-by-step solution to it. Let us take a look-

Case 1- Your AirPods are charged and are under Bluetooth range.

Although it is unlikely to happen as the situation is too good to be true, if your Airpods are already charged and are under the Bluetooth range, it is easy to use the speaker and play the sound to see where they’re. In addition, it is also possible to track the location of your Airpods using the map. The location shown will be the last place where you kept them. Follow the steps further-

  • First, open the Find My application.
  • Now go to the devices tab.
  • Go through the list of connected Apple devices from the list and locate your Airpods. 
  • Now tap on it. You can see the last location of your Airpods. 
  • Hover over Directions, and the map will start giving you directions.
  • Follow it and see if your Airpods are there.

Case 2- Only your Airpods are missing and are in Bluetooth range

Now, what’s the difference between case one and case two? Here, you only have lost your Airpods while your case is with you, whereas your case was also missing in the above scenario. Even in this case, you can easily use the Play sound feature and find your Airpods easily. Following are the steps to be followed to achieve this-

  • To start with, open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Ensure that you have landed on the devices tab option.
  • Now among the given list, tap on the Airpods option visible.
  • Tap on the play sound option (It will work only if your Airpods are out of the case and in range).
  • Tap on play the sound from left, play the sound from right or both Airpods options as per your convenience.
  • You can play it or keep switching it from left to right until you find them. 

Case 3- Both Airpods are in a different location

It happens that, at times, you need one Airpod to hear something, and you end up misplacing it. It may also fall down from your pocket. No matter what the case is, you can find and track your Airpod from the given mentioned step-

  • First, Open your Find My application and navigate to the Devices tab.
  • Now check the map option. You will see the location of your first Airpod first. 
  • Follow the instructions and get your first Airpod, and put it in the case back. Note that you will not be able to use the sound feature if your Airpod is missing.
  • Now refresh the map. You will start seeing the new location of your second Airpod.
  • Follow the map, and you will find your Airpod.

Case 4- You have only lost your Airpods case

Okay, so this possibly could be the worse scenario ever, as finding the Airpod case without the Airpods is not possible through the Find My application. However, we recommend you to check your nearby places as the chances of getting the case stolen is comparatively lesser than the Airpods as they would be useless, and thus, you may find them around them. 


How far away can the Airpods be tracked?

Okay, so if your Airpods are missing, please note that if they’re under the range of 40 feet, they are findable through the application. The moment they cross the 40 feet range, you will not be able to find them as they can then be easily synchronized to anyone’s iPhone. 

How to track your Airpods via PC?

Let us now know the steps to track your missing or stolen Airpods using your PC when you’re not able to access your phone.

  • Open your preferred browser.
  • Navigate to the iCloud website.
  • Use your credentials and sign in via your Apple ID.
  • Now tap on the All devices option and track the Airpods using the map.

How to track Airpods using your iPhone?

If the case is the opposite and you’re looking to track your stolen or missing Airpods via your iPhone, the following are the steps to be completed-

  • First, open your Find My application.
  • Go to the Devices tab option.
  • Tap on Airpods and track them via the map option.


Can your stolen Airpods be used?

Yes, your stolen Airpods can be used by anyone who has stolen them from you. The main reason is that since there’s no such anti-theft protection available, Airpods are easily misused if theft occurs. However, it still depends on the part that is stolen. For eg,-

  •  If your AirPods are stolen without a case, they can easily be re-used by adding another case to them.
  • If only one Airpod is stolen, and the other one is with you, the robber can still use it. It can be paired with any other Airpod easily.
  • If your whole Airpod is stolen along with the charging case, it is effortless to disconnect your device and pair it up with their own.

Note- All it takes is a setup button to press, and the Airpods will get reset and ready to be paired.

Can Apple track the stolen AirPods for you?

No, Apple can not track the stolen Airpods for you. Once it is sold, Apple is not liable to find the stolen or missing Airpods even if you provide them with the serial number or any other detail. However, they can assist you with the navigation to use the Find My application.

Can Apple replace my missing Airpods?

Yes, Apple can replace your Airpods with a minimum fee if you have lost your new Airpods. However, for that, you’re required to show them the proof of purchase along with the warranty. If it is still under warranty, you will be eligible to get the new Airpods. Please note that you will be required to pay some amount as per the policies, as Apple isn’t liable to pay the replacement cost 100%.

What will be the cost of replacing the single Airpod?

The replacement cost of the single Airpod will be $69, while if you want to get the set of two Airpods, you can get it for around $150, along with the charger case. The pricing may differ as per the region and country of the user; therefore, it is recommended to get it checked with the store as well. 

How much will it cost to replace the Airpod charging case?

If you’re looking to replace the Airpod charging case only, the cost will depend on various factors, including the battery’s health, physical damages, etc. We’re sharing the table below for your reference.

Airpods Lost case ($) Physical damage covered ($) Physical damage not covered ($)
Charging case 59 29 59
MagSafe charging case 79 29 69
Wireless charging case 79 29 69


Wrapping up,

It was all about how you can track your lost or missing Airpods without a complaint. Although we have shared enough methods to make you find your missing AirPods, if you still are unable to find them, you can try making an FIR for the same by providing them with the details. For any query related to the information provided above, please comment and let us know.



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