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ChatGPT app for iOS can now access the web through the new Bing integration. With this, users of the app will now be able to receive more relevant responses regarding the most recent subjects. 

ChatGPT has caught the attention of the world and the entire tech industry in the past months. However, the actual model was only trained using the data until 2021. This puts a limit on the capability of the chatbot to efficiently answer queries involving the latest events. Nonetheless, this is about to change to paid subscribers of the $20/month ChatGPT Plus plan. According to OpenAI, the said user can now try and enable the new browsing option in ChatGPT for iOS app.

“Plus users can now use Browsing to get comprehensive answers and current insights on events and information that extend beyond the model’s original training data,” wrote OpenAI’s Natalie Staudacher in a recent blog. “To try it out, enable Browsing in the ‘new features’ section of your app settings. Then select GPT-4 in the model switcher and choose ‘Browse with Bing’ in the drop-down.”

The integration of Bing in the ChatGPT app is not surprising since Microsoft has been investing multi-billion dollars in the company as part of its AI push. However, the new feature in the ChatGPT for iOS app sounds unnecessary since everyone can already access Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which is also powered by ChatGPT and is even free. Yet, from OpenAI’s perspective, the company might be hoping to still attract more customers by doing this, given Bing Chat is very restrictive. To recall, Microsoft implemented some limits to the chatbot in response to the Sydney controversy. This resulted in response refusals of the bot, which is still being experienced by Bing Chat users. So, by allowing the actual ChatGPT app to use Bing, OpenAI is probably trying to market the ChatGPT for iOS with Bing capability as a less-restrictive option for chatbot fans.


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