How To Connect To AT&T Wi-Fi In My Car?
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Having a Wi-Fi hotspot in a car is appealing to both business and leisure travelers. Wi-Fi-enabled automobiles also provide live traffic updates, easy navigation, weather reports, satellite music, and access to emergency services, among other conveniences.

With the ability to watch movies, play games, and more on mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, road trips become even more exhilarating.

For people who would otherwise be cut off from the rest of the world if they didn’t have access to the Internet, having built-in Wi-Fi has become a big selling feature. In fact, having a Wi-Fi hotspot in a vehicle is becoming increasingly common when shopping for a new one. In the wake of Chrysler’s Wi-Fi-enabled automobile, GM and other carmakers have soon followed suit, incorporating Wi-Fi into the majority of new vehicles.

In the course of this article, we shall help you understand a lot about in-car WiFi and most importantly, how to connect to AT&T WiFi in your car.


How To Connect To AT&T Wi-Fi In My Car?

  • To connect to your AT&T WiFi in your car, go to the AT&T hotspot on your front entertainment.
  • Tap on it. You will be required to have an active data plan from AT&T (eligible for in-car wifi).
  • To start with the connection, you will be either required to log in or sign up.
  • Given that you have not signed up with AT&T hotspot for your car before, you can start with the trial package.
  • Once you tap on the option, you will be required to provide your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and select your country.
  • Then select Continue.
  • Look at what package you are eligible for.
  • Select Continue.
  • Once you have enrolled in the trial package, go to the AT&T Hotspot on your front entertainment screen again.
  • Tap on the Power On icon to enable the hotspot
  • Now, you can connect to the vehicle’s hotspot using the network name and password.
  • The password is displayed on the screen itself at the bottom of the screen.


What Are The Benefits Of AT&T In-Car WiFi?

Following are the benefits of AT&T in-car wifi:

Reliable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi service in your car is first and foremost. This perk is enough to take care of most of your travel requirements. However, having a solid Wi-Fi connection while driving would be beneficial.


You must be aware of the presence of a speed camera ahead. You may come to regret using your cellular data plans if your driving performance suffers as a result. Because of this, AT&T’s in-car wireless service is both stable and cost-effective.

When you start relying on your car’s Wi-Fi, your coworkers will follow suit. Because of this, AT&T enables up to seven Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to its wireless service.

Additionally, the vehicle’s Wi-Fi can be used within a 50-foot radius of the vehicle.

24/7 Customer Support

AT&T vehicle Wi-Fi is available around the clock, unlike competing wireless providers. As a result, if you ever have a problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their support service.

Additionally, their technical support personnel is well-trained and knowledgeable. If you find yourself alone on the road, give them a call and they’ll be there for you as soon as possible.

Secure Wi-Fi

People may doubt the security of the vehicle’s Wi-Fi internet plans because you can use them anywhere. Why does AT&T provide a private wireless data network? As a result, when you connect a device to the vehicle’s wireless connection, all information is protected.

Because of this, you can send and receive information without having to worry about the security and privacy of the data.

Manage Account Via Online Portal

The in-car wireless broadband and hotspot service from AT&T comes with yet another useful function. The premium gateway makes it simple to take care of your account. Additionally, you can seek help, pay your monthly bill, and connect to AT&T live chat.


How Much Does AT&T Charge For In-Car WiFi?

Unlimited in-car Wi-Fi data plans from AT&T start at $20 a month, which includes WarnerMedia Ride. That content can only be accessed while linked to the vehicle’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot by AT&T customers.

Prepaid Wi-Fi data coupled with HBO Max is available to AT&T wireless customers for $35 per month, while Wi-Fi data only is available for $25 per month to non-AT&T wireless customers (both include WarnerMedia Ride).

The carrier has been working on adding HBO to its linked car plans for some time now. In 2020, AT&T stated that it would begin offering HBO Max as a “unique premium bundle of connectivity and video” for connected car subscribers in 2021.

About 24 automobile manufacturers in the United States will provide HBO MAX’s in-car Wi-Fi subscriptions.

Automakers are looking to the future and incorporating 5G cellular connectivity into their connected cars. AT&T’s first 5G-connected car deal was struck with General Motors in August, and the first 5G-equipped automobiles would be available in chosen model years in 2024. GM and AT&T have stated that “millions of GM automobiles” will be equipped with 5G in the next decade.

Recently, Verizon announced that its 5G Ultra Wideband network will serve Audi automobiles in the United States, making it the first 5G auto provider to do so. Select Audi models will be equipped with embedded 5G technology starting in 2024, with the goal of improving performance, in-vehicle experience and safety features.


AT&T Car Wi-Fi Data Plans – Understanding The Plans In Detail

There are two plans you can get from AT&T vehicle Wi-Fi services.

Mobile Share Plus for Business

Mobile Share Plus’s in-car data service is ideal for your business. As a bonus, there are no overage fees to worry about. To make things even better, this data plan includes the following extras:

Sharing of information. Up to 25 devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot in the connected automobile on the Mobile Share Plus business plan.

The monthly data package for your automobile Wi-Fi may be purchased but not used to its full potential. Not to worry, however. With AT&T Mobile Share Plus data plan, you can roll over unused data to the next month. As a result, all of the data you use in your new automobile will count toward your following month’s plan.

Mobile Share Plus’s unlimited data package does not impose a fee for exceeding data limits. Aside from the data speeds, this functionality can vary.

You will be limited to 128 Kbps after using up all of your high-speed data from AT&T. Reduced data speeds will cost you nothing.

Online streaming, without a question, is a data guzzler. As a result, AT&T’s in-car Mobile Share Plus Wi-Fi subscription includes the stream saver option.

Streaming quality is maintained at a standard definition level with this capability (480p). In addition, the stream will only utilize 1.5MBbps at the most.

The Mobile Share Plus business plan comes with an unlimited domestic phone and texting service. That way, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your loved ones without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Use your mobile devices as dependable Wi-Fi hotspots with the Mobile Share Plus data package. Furthermore, this capability is quite advantageous in terms of data plans for connected cars using Wi-Fi.

Active Armor Security. It’s inevitable that you’ll be bombarded with unsolicited phone calls while on the road. ActiveArmor Security ensures that any unsolicited phone calls are instantly banned by AT&T.

Mobile Select Plus for Business

For your linked car Wi-Fi, the other AT&T data package provides a collection of capabilities that can be used together. To find out what Mobile Select Plus has to offer, read on.

Multiple users can all access the same set of data because there is only one data pool. But each user has their own billing account. For the first time, overage costs will only be incurred if a user exceeds their allotted data quota.

Furthermore, the overage fees are predetermined. As a result, AT&T permits the monthly under-data use to be used to reallocate overage costs.

Flexible pooled data processing is also unique to each user. You’ll be able to check how much data you’ve saved by pooling when your bill comes in the mail.

5G and 5G+ services are included in the AT&T Mobile Select Plus data plan. That’s what I’m saying, aren’t you?

You must, however, have 5G and 5G+-capable devices. The 5G network can only be used to its full potential if you are prepared.

An extensive call security mechanism is available to you through AT&T. In addition, the principal security mechanism prevents your phone from receiving any calls that you don’t wish to receive.

Similar to the first AT&T-connected automobile, Wi-Fi can save you data; the Mobile Select Plus plan can also help you save cell phone data.


There is no need to adjust the quality of the broadcast manually. Instead, it will automatically downscale to 480p, which uses only 1.5 Mbps for Standard Definition.

Unlimited text messages can be sent from the United States to more than 200 countries using AT&T Mobile Select Plus. In addition, you get unlimited phone and texting in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. That’s definitely a positive.

Finally, there are no additional fees for using your phone while traveling. However, this deal is only available in Mexico and includes data plans, phone calls, and text messaging.

The AT&T in-car Wi-Fi coverage package provides all of these benefits. Let’s have a look at the AT&T car intellectual property features now.


How Does In-Vehicle WiFi Work?

Cars today are packed with cutting-edge technology that makes sitting in the driver’s seat feel more like sitting on the couch at home—and that includes digital connectivity. Wi-Fi access at home allows most American families to surf the web without draining their mobile data plans, so it seems natural that this access is now being integrated into the newest vehicles.

If you’re curious in in-car Wi-Fi but haven’t heard it advertised (do you get free limitless internet access? ), keep reading to learn more.

4G LTE Wi-Fi is the most widespread type of Wi-Fi in automobiles. In models that already have the ability to connect to the internet for other purposes, such as for navigation or communication, this is conceivable. This is made possible by working with firms such as Sprint or AT&T.

In-car Wi-Fi, like the majority of other necessities, is an extravagance in terms of price. As with satellite radio or OnStar’s free trial time, the automaker will offer a free trial period when you buy a new vehicle. If you want to keep it after that time period, you’ll have to pay a fee.

In most cases, this Wi-Fi service is not part of your home’s Internet service or a part of your cell phone service. Monthly fees might vary depending on how many gigabytes of data you desire, and you must pay the automaker for access (yes, there is a limited amount of internet access you can have via in-car Wi-Fi).

It’s still a better and more dependable alternative to use your phone as a hotspot while driving, and as more automakers offer in-car Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to buy pre-owned cars with this function.

How Fast Is Car Wi-Fi?

There are two reasons why home internet speed is faster than a car’s Wi-Fi connection. First, the home router is more powerful than a car’s radio transmitter. Second, the car is constantly moving and not always parked in a fixed place. In order to connect to your cellular provider’s network at any given time, it must be continually moving.

When it comes to their metal walls, cars are similar to any other big substantial object. A mobile tower or router can be jammed, leading to a change in the Wi-Fi network, which is not good. As when it comes to this type of connection, the fewer hindrances between the signal source and the car, the better.

Obviously, there are some other things you should be aware of about automotive Wi-Fi prior to buying. For instance, the internet offered by your mobile service provider is uneven. You can find a good network only in some places. In most cases, it won’t be there at all. So, when considering automobile Wi-Fi, ensure that your provider’s reception extends to the places you travel.

Though car Wi-Fi is an excellent alternative to your phone while driving, it is not likely to be as effective as home internet.


Why Should You Go For Wi-Fi In-Vehicle?

Nevertheless, here are a few reasons you might prefer to go for automotive Wi-Fi.


Driving while using the internet is obviously a risky endeavor, but it is not the only one. Many people are attracted to streaming movies and television shows while driving. The temptation to use your smartphone while driving may be lessened if your vehicle has built-in Wi-Fi.


A car Wi-Fi system is a lifesaver as it helps you get work done while traveling. At the same time, it helps keep little children entertained. However, it is more than just a distraction tool. Business entrepreneurs can also use it to manage activities and note down points while commuting.


In today’s automobiles, at least one entertainment system is standard. However, they can be just as unreliable and easily damaged as standard home entertainment systems. To ensure that your children don’t get into an argument over a broken DVD player on a long road trip, you might want to consider using Wi-Fi instead.

Cost Savings

Despite all of the discussion about in-car Wi-Fi being expensive, the truth is that it’s simply another luxury that we pay extra for in our vehicles, and we don’t have to worry about it. If you want a system with a lot of advanced features, it will cost you. The good news is that if you do your homework, you can easily find everything you need for your car at a very low price.

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