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The Dickson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) says that the crash detection feature on iPhones and Apple Watch is causing them to receive one to two false alarms weekly. According to a report from News Channel 5 Nashville, the bug is draining the team’s resources, which are supposed to be used for actual accidents. Nonetheless, Apple, which acknowledges the bug, still believes that the feature can be helpful for responders once the issue is fixed.

If there is one thing that makes Apple one of the leading tech brands, it is the company’s creativity in introducing handy features to its products. One includes the crash detection feature in its iPhones and Apple Watches. However, recent local news indicates that Dickson County EMA finds the tech more troubling than being a help.

According to the team’s Public Education Officer Toni Calhoun, they receive an average of one to two false alarms a week, only to find nothing in the scene. The feature is meant to automatically detect “a severe car crash,” but Calhoun says it can be triggered even when users have just accidentally dropped their iPhones or Apple Watches.

Apple seemingly admits it, sharing with the news outlet that “bugs are a common occurrence.” However, the case in Dickson County is not new. In the past, others have also reported false alarms from Apple’s crash detection feature. The company first introduced the feature in September 2022. After this, different reports about false alarms started surfacing around the globe. Unfortunately, after months of its initial launch, the issue still seems present in the devices.

In the end, the company says that crash detection tech is always evolving, and its developments are constantly being introduced in its products. Apple also expresses confidence over its creation, saying it will soon be an “invaluable resource” once these issues are fixed. In the meantime, users have the option to disable the feature on supported iPhone and Apple Watch models or update their systems in the hopes of finally having the solution to the problem.


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