Does Slack Have Read Receipts?

Does Slack Have Read Receipts?
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No, Slack does not have read receipts. However, the reason behind this is not because Slack has engineering hindrances while introducing a read receipt. The real reason for this is the user’s contentment. Slack users will be compelled to do one of the following:

  • Once you’ve read someone’s message, you’ll feel obligated.
  • You may be perceived as ignoring the sender if you don’t respond to a message after reading it.

Slack read receipts threaten to end asynchronous communication as we know it, as they require users to respond immediately after reading a message in Slack.

Slack read receipts, on the other hand, have a counterpoint. Knowing if a Slack message was read or not is a common concern for Slack users.

It’s possible that Slack’s product team is still considering this functionality based on the fact that a message that contained crucial information was confirmed.

Slack reaffirmed that the functionality is on their “radar” in a recent conversation.

The Controversy Surrounding Read Receipts On Slack

Apple introduced this feature to iMessages back in 2011. Wonderful. You actually know if the In 2011, Apple added this feature to iMessages. Wonderful. You have proof that the recipient has seen your communication. Then what?

You suddenly experience a sense of anticipation. The other party is obligated and responsible for their part in the agreement. Let’s hear it, then!

People tend to assume you’re being ignored if they see your message has been read but no response has been received. However, are they really? Could they not have skimmed the message in order to respond at a more convenient time? Maybe they were in the middle of a conversation when they were hit, whether they were on their bikes or in their cars. Most of the time, we don’t consider the person’s life outside of our own. As a result of our “always-on” lifestyle, we’ve grown impatient.

As a result, both the sender and the receiver are under a lot of stress.

“I was aware of the post. (Why aren’t there more apps with a “set to unread” feature?) I shouldn’t forget the message. I should get back to you as soon as possible.”

Suddenly, a simple discussion or a short car ride becomes a source of anxiety for the person involved. You’re sucked out of the situation and taken to a different place (the problem with notifications is a whole other story of course). You’re unable to let go of the thoughts that are occupying your head.

When it comes to resisting these feelings or cravings, some of us are stronger than others. It’s a lot simpler to say than to do. And, of course, we shouldn’t place too much pressure on our loved ones. There’s no way around it, in my opinion. However… this is a matter of personal concern.

(In case you’re still caught in the required receipt reply cycle, Apple allowed customers to stop it in 2015).


Final Verdict

Yes, read receipts might be implemented in Slack. The owner of a Slack team could impose it on all of his or her personnel. Or on a more personal level. But you’ll have a hard time convincing your boss why you turned it off.

There are a variety of options on Slack, including the ability to star, pin, or even simply schedule reminders for messages. Do you want to know if a communication you sent was read? Try to get them to add an emoji to their response!

This is the perfect solution. It places the burden on the recipient. In the absence of automation, a “read” and a “processed” are two distinct actions. Even if it wasn’t, you have proof that the person is slacking off, which is always a good thing.

Confirmation of a message received should be part of the conversation.


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