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Dynamic Island is one of the highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The feature has a lot of potential. However, during WWDC 2023, we didn’t hear anything about new changes or features coming to Dynamic Island in iOS 17. Is the novelty of the feature finally over, or is Apple just hiding something big for future announcements?

Dynamic Island is still rather new. Yet, it seems Apple is already abandoning it, and it really is kind of disappointing not to hear huge news about the feature during WWDC. On Apple’s iOS 17 beta page, not a single thing about the feature is even mentioned. Nonetheless, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman pointed out that an integration of the alarm clock is coming to Dynamic Island. The news didn’t excite fans that much, however, saying it could not even be considered “major.”

Meanwhile, others report finally seeing more app integrations on Dynamic Island, including Shazam and AirDrop. Making more apps work with it sounds interesting, but it is hard to say it would significantly contribute to the buzz surrounding iOS 17 or the upcoming iPhone 15 line. Even more, some users are reporting seeing Dynamic Island on older iPhone models, which could further erode the reputation of the feature being exclusive to newer iPhone models.

With all these things, it is kind of frustrating that there aren’t any innovations to expect from Dynamic Island, which just debuted months ago. Apple, a company known for its creativity in its products, could do so much about the feature aside from app integrations. Yet, the feature seems all left out even in iOS 17 beta, which is being tested now. There is some glint of hope, though, that the company could only be hiding something big for the stable release of the iOS 17 or iPhone 15 lineup. No other reports can currently support this, but this could be the only reason we still haven’t heard much about the feature. Otherwise, it really is the end of the Dynamic Island era. 


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