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In hopes of making the X platform more friendly towards creators, Elon Musk says in a new post that he will talk to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the company’s commission policy affecting creators’ earnings.

Musk has discussed the move while talking about the advantages of supporting creators on the platform. “While we had previously said that X would keep nothing for the 12 months, then 10%, we are amending that policy to X keeps nothing forever, until payout exceeds $100k, then 10%,” the Tesla CEO explains. “First 12 months is still free for all.”

This should be a huge benefit for X creators as the current policy on the platform will automatically take 10% of their earnings after the first 12 months. And by setting a distinct price point where X will charge the creators, it should be a huge help for small-time creators and beginners. However, even with X not taking a commission from creator earnings below $100k, they will still have to carry the weight of Apple’s 30% App Store cut.

To the unversed, X allows users to subscribe to their favorite creators on the platform. iOS users who pay for these subscriptions use Apple’s in-app purchase system. This allows the Cupertino giant to take a 30% commission. Musk wants to change this now in order to help creators on his platform to earn more.

“Apple does take 30%, but I will speak with Tim Cook and see if that can be adjusted to be just 30% of what X keeps in order to maximize what creators receive,” Musk promises.

In case Apple grants this request from Musk in the future, it will be huge news since Apple has always been firm about its App Store policies involving commissions. Regulators around the globe are even trying to push the company to embrace new rules, which could allow developers to accept payments without using Apple’s in-app purchase system, translating to zero cuts for Apple. Yet, Apple continues this practice. With this, it will be a surprise if Apple changes this entire system.

On the other side of the coin, it should not be a surprise if Apple makes an exception for Musk.

To recall, Musk’s statement follows the report of Apple making an exception for his company to use a single-letter app name to rebrand Twitter to X. Prior to that, Apple also seemingly tolerated Musk’s Tesla app violation on the App Store after one new feature was added to the Tesla app’s “Connectivity Packages.” These past actions from Apple seem to be a start of a good relationship between Musk and Cook and seem to fuel the former’s confidence about requesting another favor from the iPhone maker. However, how far can Apple go in this relationship? Most of all, what benefits is Apple getting from this?

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