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One of the advantages of using an open-source operating system is the ability to install third-party applications without any credential issues easily. Unlike iOS, which has restricted access, installing a third-party app without jailbreak is not a simple task. However, on the Android platform, granting permission for ‘Unknown Sources’ is sufficient to load any app on the operating system.

In this article, we will explore some of the top free sports apps for Android, allowing you to enjoy sports without any hidden fees. Let’s get started without any delay.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a highly commendable podcatcher that conveniently extracts content from iTunes, making almost any podcast on iTunes easily accessible here. It is a comprehensive hub for various sports podcasts, making it a valuable resource for sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, there are numerous other podcast options available. Although the user interface may not be exceptional, Podcast Addict offers various organizational features and becomes user-friendly after exploring its functionalities.


theScore is a long-standing sports app that sets itself apart with two key features: an impressive dark theme and a strong commitment to delivering the best sports experience on Android. This well-designed app allows users to easily access the news, scores, and standings they need and quickly return to their desired activities.

In addition to providing real-time news updates and personalized notifications, theScore also offers a social element. Users can open the score of a specific game, tap the Chat button, and engage in discussions with others following the same match. The best part is that theScore is completely free, although users should be prepared to encounter some advertisements throughout their experience.

The Sofa Score

The Sofa Score app is perfect for avid fans of international soccer (football) and other sports. It provides a complete experience with an up-to-date list of live matches, ensuring you stay informed about the latest action happening in leagues around the globe. The live match updates feature commentary in both English and Spanish, team lineups, and substitutions, leaving no detail unnoticed.

Additionally, the app offers a clock widget, which can be used as a countdown timer to help you effectively manage your time between different events.


ESPN boasts one of the most extensive sports platforms in the media landscape. While not everyone may be fond of them, it is undeniable that they offer a wide range of features and coverage. This includes sports scores from various leagues, a streaming service called ESPN+ that covers multiple leagues, a reliable fantasy sports platform, and a reasonably good selection of written news, rumors, op-eds, and other similar content.

While the main app is completely free, extra benefits can be added for a small price. The streaming service is priced at $4.99 per month and offers a combination of niche and popular sports. For $12.99 per month, you can access ESPN+ along with Disney+ and Hulu, making it a convenient choice for sports enthusiasts looking to enjoy other content as well.

Interestingly, ESPN is currently working on creating its very own sportsbook. With this addition, an entirely new section of this Android app will provide sports enthusiasts with access to countless betting lines across multiple sports, as Massachusetts betting apps and other US locations will benefit from a brand new sportsbook operator under the powerhouse sporting umbrella that is ESPN.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports offers the swiftest and most efficient access to recent scores, statistics, and updates about your preferred teams and leagues. You have the ability to configure notifications for your beloved teams and sports, ensuring that you receive alerts when their games commence. Yahoo Sports encompasses a wide range of sports, including major events such as the Olympics.

Bleacher Report

Receive immediate notifications from Bleacher Report regarding the most recent rumors, news, and predictions in various leagues. Customize the app to suit your preferences and ensure you stay informed about all significant stories. If you prefer receiving the latest updates directly on your social media accounts, you can follow Bleacher Report on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

CBS Sports App

CBS Sports is ranked among the top Android applications for accessing sports content without charge. This app provides a diverse range of sports-related material, such as live games, highlights, and analyses. In addition to these exceptional Android applications for accessing free sports content, users can also access live scores, breaking news, and video-on-demand.

CBS Sports can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Another excellent choice for accessing free sports content on Android is NBC Sports. This app offers a wide selection of live and on-demand content. NBC Sports is also available for free on the Google Play Store.


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