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FaceTime, for sure, has made our lives easier by letting people connect over video calls so easily. But is that really possible to FaceTime internationally? And if yes, then is it free? There must be dozen such questions roaming in your mind, and if that’s the case, then going through this guide is going to be a fruitful experience for you. So what are you looking forward to? Let us start exploring it now.


What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is an iOS application via which users can do one-on-one video chatting (with front-facing cameras) through the internet. Since the app is a preloaded one available exclusively on iOS devices, users are not required to download it. Users with the devices Mac OS X versions are also allowed to use it. Basically, one can use it on Macs, iPhones and iPads.

What’s the use of FaceTime?

Well, FaceTime was developed with the purpose of letting iOS users do hassle-free video calling using Wi-Fi. However, after the iOS 6, Apple allowed users to have video calling through FaceTime via cellular networks too. Initially, till iOS 12, users were not able to make group calls, while after the launch of iOS 12, Apple allowed users to create a group and have a group video call with up to 32 members.

 Other than that, if you want to make a voice call through FaceTime, then please know that with iOS 7 and later versions, Apple allowed users to have audio calls that take way lesser data than a video call does.

What are the requirements of FaceTime?

To use FaceTime, you do not need anything else other than an Apple ID and an iOS device. If you are an iOS user, you will have to create an Apple ID at the time of setting up your device. For FaceTime over a Wi-Fi connection, you should have an iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later and an iPod touch fourth generation or later. After iOS 6, one can easily make FaceTime calls through 3G or 4G networks. Devices like iPhone 4s and later will be required.


Can you FaceTime Internationally?

Yes, you can make a FaceTime call internationally easily. There are no such extras to follow if you’re looking forward to making a FaceTime call. All you need is to simply find the contact and make a call using your internet connection. Although the process is simple, the only condition to be fulfilled is that the person you’re calling should be available on FaceTime.

Is FaceTime free?

Yes, FaceTime is an absolutely free-of-charge application to use. However, you will be needing a working internet connection, be it cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, to make a call. Although calling FaceTime free is correct as you do not need to pay any additional charges, you will still have to bear the internet cost to make the calls through it.

Is FaceTime free internationally?

Yes, be it making a call to someone sitting next to you or to someone sitting in a different region, FaceTime has the same policies to apply to all. Making calls through FaceTime will still be free, even if you’re making a call internationally. As long as the person you’re calling has a stable internet connection and an iOS or Mac device, you can make calls to them through FaceTime regardless of what location they’re currently in. 

Will FaceTime use my mobile data excessively?

Actually, FaceTime is going to consume your data sparingly as the app does not require a lot of data to make calls. If you’re using your Wi-Fi connection to make calls, you will end up using 0 internet data for the same. However, even if you are not accessible to your Wi-Fi connection, making calls through your cellular data is not going to drain your data. But if you are struggling with the same, you can try making audio calls through FaceTime instead of video ones. 

Is the FaceTime app available on Android devices?

The straight one-line answer to this question is no; the FaceTime app is exclusively available on iOS and Mac devices only, and therefore, you can not download it on your Android device or other ecosystems. In other words, since the app is an Apple-only application, it is not possible to download it on any other OS.

Can we do FaceTime all around the globe?

Please note that although the FaceTime app is available in most countries in the world, there are still some countries where you can not use FaceTime easily. 

You can not use the FaceTime feature in the United Arab Emirates, and if you wish to use it in a country like Saudi Arabia, then your iPhone or iPad must have iOS 11.3 or later versions, while if you wish to use FaceTime in Pakistan, your devices must have iOS 12.4 or later versions. 

Also, FaceTime audio calls are not available in China, and many middle eastern countries will also block FaceTime if the SIM card being used is purchased from a non-middle eastern country. 

Can we block someone on FaceTime?

Yes, if you’re annoyed by someone who is calling you constantly on the FaceTime application, then it is possible to block a contact just like you do on your iPhone. To block a contact, tap on the little I button made next to the name of the contact. You will further be asked if you want to block the contact, and if you want to, tap on confirm, and the contact will be blocked. 


How to set up FaceTime?

To use FaceTime, you do not need to download the application as it comes as a pre-installed one on your iOS or Mac devices. However, there are a few steps that one must follow. Let us take a look ahead-

You need to register yourself with FaceTime, and for that, the following are the steps-

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on FaceTime. 
  • Add your valid phone number. Or alternatively, you can add your email address and register.
  • It’s done.

How to make FaceTime calls?

Please note that before you begin to make your first FaceTime call, make sure that the person you’re making a call to must have an iPhone and should be registered with the FaceTime app by applying the steps given above. You can either use their number or email address to make a call. If the number is already saved in your contact book, you can type the name and check whether the person is available on FaceTime or not.

Suppose you have made an audio call to a person, and now you wish to switch your audio call to a video one; what would you do? You do not need to end up the call to do it. There will be a switch to audio/video option available on your screen. Tap on it, and it’s done. Similarly, to end a call, you can see an option that says end. Tap on it, and it’ll be done.


Wrapping up,

It was all about FaceTime and its features. Now we’re sure that if you know how to make a call internationally to someone, then which app is to be used? For more such articles with in-depth information and insights, keep following us. 


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