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We are still waiting for the release of the next Apple devices. Nonetheless, some fans are already sharing ideas of what Apple’s offerings will look like in the future.

Apple is one of the leading tech brands when it comes to innovations. In iOS 17 alone, we see a bunch of new features and capabilities, making the company’s latest iPhone lines even more attractive. In the upcoming iPhone 15 line, there are rumors that significant changes can also be seen in the hardware of the product. With this, it is interesting to think about what other changes we will see in the future versions of these creations.

Fans took the matter into their own hands by recently releasing some creative renders of Apple products. One includes the “iPhone Vision” from ADR Studio Design, which added a lot of new elements to Apple’s smartphone. According to the studio, it was inspired by the Apple Vision Pro headset. It features a camera island that houses an additional small secondary display. Concept designer Antonio De Rosa says the island also has Liquid and Periscopic Lenses.

On the other hand, the design concept of Apple In The Future shows a very intriguing future for Apple Watches. In the render, the watch looks like other current Apple Watches we have. It comes with a strap and sports a silver body watch. However, the watch surface is envisioned as a thin layer that can be opened and closed to store a pair of Apple AirPods. 

Some fans approve of the ideas, saying the additions of such concepts can make the devices more enticing to customers. However, some dismiss them after stressing that the features are not new, which is true. For instance, Apple will not be the first to introduce secondary phone displays. The screens are currently available on different phone models, and if Apple wants to include them in its next iPhones, it has to be more than a small display. To note, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, which will be released next month, is rumored to feature a bigger 3.4” secondary screen. This will reportedly allow users to perform actions (e.g., notification viewing and typing) without opening the entire unit.

Meanwhile, the AirPods stored in Apple Watch are also not new. As fans pointed out, it is already available in Huawei Watch Buds. Moreover, if this idea is to be embraced in the future, Apple might either make the Apple Watch a bit thicker or make necessary trims in the body of its Apple AirPods. In that case, we might see a very different AirPods design in the future if Apple chooses to do this.

In the end, while it is true that the concepts are not new, it is kind of thrilling to think of the possibility that Apple might adopt them in the future. And knowing Apple, there’s a hope that if it decides to use the same concepts in the future, it will make necessary and significant changes in them, allowing them to stand out from the competition. 


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