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Have you ever seen Facebook friends under the shortcut section? Unsure of what it means and how to use that feature or why is this feature even available? These are the most common questions that you may get. But to solve this all, we are here with this guide where we are covering every piece of information related to Facebook friends under shortcut. So let us take a look ahead-


What do Facebook friends under shortcut mean?

If you check your friend’s shortcut on your profile, you will be able to go through the people’s friend request there. You can find all the friend requests you have received so far. Other than that, you can also find friend suggestions there. These suggestions will be based on mutual and same interests that Facebook will curate for you as per your activity. 

Who can be seen on my Facebook shortcut and why?

If you’re using the Facebook shortcut feature, you will see that you only will be able to see those profiles with whom you have interacted a lot. If you’re unsure of why is it happening, then the reason is your activity and interaction. You must have some selected preferred profiles with which you interact a lot in the form of talking, viewing each other profiles and interacting on each other posts.

Those profiles will be shown in your shortcuts so that whenever you want to talk to the person, you do not have to do the hassle of searching and clicking. Rather, you can simply click and go through the profile from the shortcut.


How do I remove the Facebook friends shortcut?

It is okay if you do not wish to have those Facebook friends’ shortcuts or other shortcuts on your account and thankfully, there’s an option for doing the same given by Facebook itself. To do that, you need to follow the given steps-

  • First, open your Facebook application.
  • Tap on the three lines shown in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Now tap on Settings and Privacy option.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Hover to Shortcuts.
  • Now tap on the Shortcut bar.
  • Now you will be able to see the drop-down menu in the list. You can now perform, auto, pin and hide features on the shortcuts preferred by you.
  • And it’s done.


How to turn off the notification dots on Facebook shortcuts?

Other than removing your Facebook shortcuts, you can also turn off the notification dots easily through your account. And these steps are regardless of what device you use. Notification dots says a lot about your recent activity. But if you wish to turn it off, here are the steps to be followed-

  • First, you must open your Facebook app and ensure that you’re using the upgraded version of the same.
  • Now from the navigation bar, tap on the navigation shortcut. 
  • You can find the option that says Turn off notification dots or hide from the shortcut bar. Tap on it.
  • It is now removed.

Note- By following these steps, you surely can turn off your notification dots. But if you want to remove the notification from a certain activity or profile, you can not do it.


What are the other shortcuts on the Facebook shortcut bar?

Other than the friends shortcut, you can find many other shortcut bars as well and if you’re unsure what they denote to, the following is the given explanation for each of them-

  • Feeds- If you tap on the feeds section, you will be able to view all the activity updates from your most interacted profiles. It could be a page, a celebrity update, a group update or from your friend’s profile. You can find them all there. 
  • Friends- As said above, if you go through the friend’s shortcut, you will be able to find all your friend request under one roof along with the friend’s suggestion. It will be easier for you to either accept or reject them through the section.
  • Groups- The group section will show you the recent feeds from all those groups with which you interact a lot. Now let’s say you’re a silent reader and do not interact much, Facebook will analyse the groups that you check a lot and will give you insights from the same.
  • Marketplace– A marketplace is an option on Facebook from which you can go through all the buying and selling options. You can find your profile’s related marketplace trading there.
  • Video on watch– Many people prefer watching videos on Facebook. Now as per what you watch mostly, this shortcut will make you see the videos from the relevant pages and content that you see most often. You might not even have followed those pages too.
  • Memories- If you’re using Facebook for a long, you must have posted, done some activity or commented on the same day some years ago. Facebook refer to it as your memories and in this section, you can find all such memories easily.
  • Saved- If you have saved something by going through the feeds which you will need later, you can check them all on the saved option. You can see that in every post, there’s a save for later option given.
  • Pages- If you have made some pages that you keep updating, your profile will show up in that part in this shortcut section.
  • Reels– As you already are aware, Facebook has started the reels section too. And in this section, you can see the reels from random accounts irrespective of the fact whether you are added to them or not.
  • Events- In the events section, you can find all the events sections happening around or you’re invited to.


Wrapping up,

In the nutshell, it is good to say that Facebook shortcuts are made to make your Facebook experience easier and life better. We have not only included the friend’s section but also other relevant sections and information related to the same. We hope you’re now clear with all your queries. However, if not, please comment below and let us know how can we improve it.


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