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Vodafone Get My Photo is a tool provided by Vodafone that allows users to send and receive media on their mobile phones seamlessly. It was initially designed for old-gen mobiles that could not exchange media but is still available on Vodafone’s website and mobile application. 

It is debatable whether you still need it considering how easily accessible it is to exchange media between devices today. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Vodafone Get My Photo.


Vodafone Get My Photo Features

Built by the tech giant Vodafone, Get My Photo was a revolutionary tool on release. It provided ways for users to communicate through media at a time when it was not possible easily. It provided various features for its subscribers. Here are a few of them: 

1. Send or receive MMS

Multimedia messages (MMS) gained immense popularity when they first made the market. Vodafone was one of the first companies to catch on to the trend and provided Get My Photo as a solution. With it, users could send and receive MMS on their mobile devices even if it wasn’t compatible. You simply had to get your media file, upload it to Get My Photo on their website, and send it to your local contacts. 

2. Inbox catalog for all files 

Similar to SMS data on mobile phones, Get My Photo contains an inbox of all the MMS that has been sent to you by your contacts. You can view the inbox on your mobile phone or on the Get My Photo webpage on Vodafone’s official website. Either way, the catalog is well-arranged and easy to browse. 

3. 30 days of storage

Get My Photo stores each picture or video message received by users for 30 days before automatically deleting them from your catalog. As a result, users receive ample time to view them repeatedly or store them elsewhere for later viewing. It also helps in decluttering your inbox automatically. 

4. Simplified communication

Get My Photo provides an easy solution to communicate. As soon as you receive a picture or video message, you have a direct option to send a reply or forward the received message to someone else. As a result, a seamless connection between peers can be formed through this tool. 

5. Easy deletion

We have mentioned how Get My Photo automatically declutters your inbox and outbox by deleting files after 30 days of sending or receiving them. On top of that, users can also manually delete items from this tool easily. You can do so directly from your mobile phone or through Vodafone’s website. 

6. Free credits for later use

Vodafone Get My Photo is a subscription service provided to Vodafone users. To exchange media using this service requires credits. Each message requires a certain amount of credits to follow through. 

While these credits are premium, for the most part, Vodafone provides free credits to its users the more they use the tool to send messages. These credits can be redeemed and later used to claim free messages within the system. 


How to fix: Unable to access Vodafone Get My Photo web page

Vodafone Get My Photo is an easy-to-use service for the most part. However, sometimes users cannot access the Get My Photo web page to use its features. A number of reasons could cause this problem. Let us look at how to overcome them. 

1. Try an alternative link

Sometimes web pages get broken and become inaccessible in certain locations. Large companies are aware of this issue and domain masking is a common practice for them. Domain masking is the act of using a URL to showcase the contact of a different web page on it. 

Vodafone Get My Photo comes with two links ( and Try using either to see if that works for you. 

2. Clear browser cache and cookies

Browsers collect a plethora of cache and cookie data regularly. As a result, they contain a lot of clutter that can create a barrier to seamless browsing. It can also hinder you from visiting certain web pages such as Vodafone Get My Photo. Clear browser cache and cookie data and try accessing Get My Photo to see if it works. 

3. Phone incompatibility

Though Get My Photo is designed to help users with old-gen devices to communicate via media, it also has certain requirements that need to be met. Try speaking to a Vodafone representative through customer care or website live chat to check for compatibility. 

4. Maintenance downtime

Services like Get My Photo require consistent maintenance work to operate correctly. During times like these, the web page gets downtime and becomes inaccessible to users. We recommend waiting for services to resume again. To know when services will resume, you can reach out to Vodafone. 


How to turn off Vodafone Get My Photo?

Vodafone Get My Photo was useful when it first arrived. However, it has become redundant in current times with most of the population having switched to smartphones. Despite that, this service might be active for Vodafone customers to this day. 

To turn it off, you need to update your MMS and internet settings. Doing so will vary from device to device. For Android devices, you can find it in the SIM settings of your mobile device. If you use multiple SIMs, make sure to select the Vodafone SIM and update the settings. For iPhones, you will find it in the Cellular settings of your device.

If updating these settings does not turn off Get My Photo for you, contact Vodafone for your device’s specific settings. They will also walk you through the setup. 



Get My Photo provides users with a straightforward gateway to exchange media between devices. However, it has now become redundant for the most part since most of the world’s population is now using smartphones with easy internet access. Despite that, Get My Photo’s release was noteworthy back in the day. We discussed everything about it in the article above. 


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