Are GoPros Worth It? (Everything You Need to Know)

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This tech guide will explain everything you need to know about GoPro cameras and where they stand in the competition. 

GoPro cameras are getting more popular day by day. Due to their portability, many photographers, bloggers, hikers, and moviemakers use them for professional use. 

These cameras are packed with advanced features such as touch controls, optical zooming, electronic image stabilization, waterproofing, night mode videos, and more. Depending on the specifications, these cameras cost somewhere between $200 and $600. 

But are GoPros worth your money? What are the practical uses of it? Are there any alternatives available? In this guide, I will answer all these questions. So stay tuned. 


What Is GoPro?

GoPro is a brand of portable, lightweight cameras often used for action sports and outdoor activities. They are designed to be rugged and durable and are often used when a traditional camera is not practical or able to withstand the elements. 

GoPro cameras are known for their tiny size, wide-angle lenses, and high-quality image and video shooting capabilities. They can be mounted to helmets, bodies, or other gears and are popular with athletes, scouts, and people who enjoy capturing and sharing their adventures. GoPro also manufactures a range of accessories, including camera mounts and cases, allowing users to customize and enhance their GoPro camera setup.

Let’s look at some GoPro camera features:

1. Live Streaming

Many GoPro cameras come with a web connectivity feature these days. You can live-stream your activities to your friends and followers if you have an active internet connection. Whether skydiving or rock climbing, you can update your close ones in real time. 

2. Video Stabilization

Stabilization feature in video cameras is not new, but they are instrumental in GoPros. These cameras mainly capture physical activities where a shaky video is inevitable. 

GoPros are loaded with high-tech stabilization features that give you a smooth video without blur. These cameras maintain a high frame rate and image quality despite the constant movement. It’s called HyperSmooth video in various GoPro models. 

3. Quick Recording

With the QuikCapture feature, you can turn on the camera and start recording just by pressing the shutter button once. If you press and hold the shutter button, it will begin recording a time-lapse video. 

If you want to capture your flying moments, this feature will be a lifesaver for you. 

4. Voice Commands

GoPro cameras are packed with a voice-control feature as well. You can give commands to start and stop the recording, capture an image, change shooting modes, and much more. 

5. Shortcuts

To increase its functionality, the camera has ten shortcut controls on the screen, 4 of which you can activate with a single touch. These shortcuts are Slow-Mo, Night mode, Activity mode, HyperSmooth, and more. 

You can also set the timer, adjust ISO, and modify lens settings through quick shortcuts. 

6. Water Resistance

Want to record an underwater video? GoPro cameras are 100%waterproof and can record high-quality videos underwater, in the rain, or even storm. You can navigate through controls using physical buttons since the display is not accessible when the camera is in close contact with the water.


Should You Invest in GoPro?

Now the question is whether it’s worth buying a GoPro camera. These photography instruments are not cheap by any means if you compare them with a conventional point-and shoot-camera. Depending on the features and model, a GoPro will cost you $200-$600. The latest ones are obviously more expensive but are packed with more advanced technology and features.

However, these cameras are cheaper than a DSLR and can take professional-grade pictures and videos. The difference, however, is in their practical use. 

A DSLR is more suitable for relaxed photography such as sightseeing, documentation, parties, celebrations, Youtube, etc. GoPro is made to record activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and diving, where DSLR or a regular camera is not a practical option. 

If you are planning a long road trip or going on an adventure and want to capture your moments, GoPro is the best option for you. The best thing is that they come ready to be mounted, so you don’t need to hold them all the time. You can install it on your motorcycle, helmet, or body and continue your activity. 

It’s wise to go for an entry-level GoPro if you are new to this kind of photography. And if you move to the professional level, you can go for the high-end models. 


GoPro Camera: Where It Stands? 

Regarding photography, there are a few camera options on the market, such as traditional cameras, smartphone cameras, and DSLRs. 

A few years ago, a standard point-and-shoot camera was the first choice of photography enthusiasts. Interestingly, their market has been captured mostly by smartphone cameras these days. 

These cameras are still a good option if you are looking for a small, portable camera for your holidays. But, compared to GoPro, they are not as sturdy and reliable to withstand different conditions. Also, the mounting options are limited with these cameras. 

A smartphone camera is the most used camera these days. When it comes to image and video quality, most smartphone cameras can record up to 4K, which is the same as GoPro. However, phone cameras are fragile and may break if dropped from some height or in the water. Also, they are not easy to mount and may need extra handling if you want to record your activities on the go. 

DSLR is the best when it comes to image quality and features. These cameras have bigger lenses and many features that can shoot videos almost the same as feature films. The only disadvantage is that DSLRs are heavy and difficult to carry everywhere. Yes, you can use a tripod to record yourself, which is not the same as using a GoPro on your helmet. 


Are GoPros Worth It? My Take

As you can see, GoPro cameras are helpful in particular situations only. They are the best when you are constantly on the move and can’t afford to stop and take photos or videos. Also, if you want to broadcast your adventure or activity experience, a GoPro is definitely a better choice than a smartphone or DSLR. 

Hero 10 is the top GoPro model in the market, with Hero 11 recently released. The company has promised significant updates with the newer model, so I advise photographers to wait for public reviews before going for it.

If you want to shoot underwater videos, ensure you have all the protective gear to do so. Most GoPros are safe to use up to 10 meters underwater. But with additional safety gear, you can go as deep as 60 meters and capture wonders inside the water. 


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