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iOS 17 beta 2 (Build 21A5268h) is now available, and you’ll notice a considerable number of changes and improvements in it. Here are some of them:

  • The Software Update interface in Settings gets a design revamp. You get “Update Now” and “Update Tonight” options. Tapping and holding the latter will give you more options. Also, an error message will show up when you don’t have a connection when updating.
  • AirDrop tapping action is now in Beta 2. It will show a prompt instructing you to “try holding the top of this iPhone near another iPhone.”
  • There is a new Fitness app section in Settings.
  • You can now use a slider in Crossfade in Settings to determine the fade length between songs. Also, the feature should now work properly, preventing the reported Setting app crashes whenever the feature is activated.
  • Apple added new wallpapers in CarPlay.
  • The call history limit is increased.
  • There is a new widget design for the Clock featuring a transparent design.
  • The widget for the Music app has new size and design options.
  • When commanding Siri to send a message, you’ll be given the option to select the app from which you want to send the message.
  • There is a new notification section (and a new Motion To Wake toggle button) on the StandBy page in Settings.
  • The State of Mind section of Mental Wellbeing in the Health app. You get a small calendar icon and changes in the page’s appearance.
  • Upon opening the Message app the first time, there will be a prompt to “Talk Instead of Type.”
  • There are new options in the Haptic Touch section in Settings, allowing you to select the touch duration (Fast, Default, or Slow).
  • In Live Voicemail, there will be a “Waiting” notification, indicating the device is waiting for the caller to speak in order for it to start transcribing.
  • Safari gets a menu for Profiles, allowing users to easily switch between them. There is also a new Personal option.
  • The Podcast app is updated with a new UI.
  • A new Microlocation option has been added in Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services. There is no exact explanation of what it specifically does, but it could mean giving the device access to your precise location within a limited space or room.
  • In Shortcuts > Automation > New Automation > Transaction, you’ll see new icons for the Wallet shortcut, giving you options for Payment, Transit, Access, and Identity.
  • Beta 2 should improve battery usage compared to the performance of Beta 1.

According to Apple in its release notes for the update, Beta 2 of iOS 17 comes with fixes for the previous issues. However, not all of them have been resolved. Apple shares it by highlighting known issues in the beta release. This is not surprising, though, since other betas of iOS 17 are expected in the coming months. In those future betas, more fixes are expected from iOS 17 alongside the introduction of more features, which, hopefully, will include app sideloading.

iOS 17 Beta 2 is now available to testers and developers, though it might still take time for some to have it. Others, however, reported that the beta update appeared on them after they restarted their devices.


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