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BT Hub is a wireless router that provides internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and broadband. It is commonly used in homes and business buildings that require multiple devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. It comes with Wi-Fi and ethernet ports for devices with no Wi-Fi capability.

It is highly secure and a great solution for smart home products as well. However, it can face problems at times. A common problem is when the BT Hub flashes purple light. This article will cover this issue and how to fix it. 


Why is BT Hub flashing purple light?

BT Hub flashing purple light means that the device is functioning correctly; however, it cannot connect to the internet. The above applies to all BT Hub versions, be it BT Smart Hub, BT Smart Hub 2, or Ultrafast Smart Hub. BT Hub has different light settings, each indicating a different problem. Here is a video that tells you about each of them:

If the BT Hub is just showing a steady purple light, it means that the device is linked to the EE’s backup mobile network; however the primary broadband connection is facing downtime. In either case, you need to fix the issue immediately for the internet to function properly .


How to fix: BT Hub Flashing Purple Light

Fixing the flashing purple light issue on BT Hub is fairly easy, considering the root problem can be easily deciphered thanks to the precise color of the light that directly indicates a faulty internet connection. Here are the best ways to fix BT Hub flashing purple light: 

1. Incorrect broadband configuration

When the BT Hub flashes purple light, it indicates an inactive internet connection from the broadband’s side. Therefore, the first course of action should always be to check whether the broadband connection is configured properly. 

Check the BT Hub’s broadband wiring from both ends and see if the connection is established properly. BT Hub has a dedicated broadband socket in grey color with the word broadband above it. Any loose wiring or wire cutting will cause the connectivity to fail, resulting in no internet connection. You can also try to disconnect and reconnect all wiring to ensure it is properly settled.

2. Power cycle the BT Hub

Sometimes the broadband connection can bottleneck with the BT Hub software. Power cycling can fix the purple light flashing issue in this scenario. To power cycle the BT Hub, simply switch it off by removing the power cord. Now, wait for about a minute or two and switch it on. This method can be used to fix all kinds of electronic devices that need a resting and recalibration phase due to continuous intense use.  

3. Check for BT Service Outage

BT service outages are extremely rare. However, like most online platforms, they do occasionally occur due to maintenance and other similar reasons. Go and check whether there is a service outage at the time of facing the purple light flashing issue. If there is an outage, the best course of action is to wait for uptime. 

4. Wait for activation

If you just switched to a new broadband connection, you will need to wait until your internet service provider activates it for you to use. If you miss the bill and the internet connection gets deactivated, this can also occur. In this case, quickly pay your bill and let the internet connection activate again. 

5. Contact BT Support

If nothing works for you and you are certain the hardware part of the broadband connection is accurate, the best fix is to contact BT support directly. BT is a large brand with a dedicated team of representatives who are available at all times to aid users’ problems. Do not hesitate to connect with them to fix the purple light issue. 



BT Hub is an excellent choice for providing homes and businesses with internet connectivity. It has Wi-Fi and ethernet options that let users connect to it using multiple devices simultaneously. It is also compatible with other home automation products, ensuring a seamless atmosphere for the user. 

However, it can face issues at times due to various reasons. Sometimes, BT Hub flashes purple light, indicating an inactive internet connection. We discussed why this issue arises and how to overcome it in the article above. 


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