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Planning to watch your favourite content online and suddenly you see your Onn tablet not turning on. What would you do? Panic, don’t because we have got you covered.

We understand the pain of wanting to watch something and not being able to turn on the tablet of all a sudden and that’s why we have curated these tried and tested methods on how to fix your Onn tablet won’t turn on issue. Let’s get started-

Why my Onn tablet isn’t turning on?

If your Onn tablet isn’t turning on and you’re unsure of the reason behind the same, please know that the reason could be anything from some basic charging issue to hardware ones. To understand the issue, it is required to try all the possible methods that we’re sharing below. 


How to fix the Onn tablet t won’t turn on issue? 

So let us talk about the methods that one should try in order to comprehend the issue and then fix it. 

1- Reset your device 

The first thing you must try on if you want to fix your Onn laptop not turning on the issue is resetting your device. In order to do that, you need to follow some basic steps that we are sharing below. However, before you initiate, make sure that your tablet is off. 

  • Press and hold your device’s power button and volume button at the same time for 10 seconds. 
  • Once you see it is turned on, release the buttons.
  • If it isn’t on yet, repeat the process again.
  • And your device is reset now.

The whole process is easy and can be attempted multiple times unless you see a result. It mostly works as resetting your Onn tablet will clear all the minor glitches that you may be facing.


2- Perform a power cycle

Power cycle in simple terms is removing your device’s battery and placing it back. To start the process, you need to ensure that you’re not charging the device while applying the process. First, remove your Onn tablet’s battery and hold the power button for 10 seconds (You need to hold the button in order to drain the power).

Now re-install the battery again in your device and turn it on. See if it turning on or if not, then you must charge the device for 15-20 minutes before turning it on. Once done, turn it on.


3- Replace your battery

There’s also a possibility of having an issue with your tablet’s battery and not with its hardware. To detect the same, there are many pre-signs that you would notice and one of the biggest ones is that it does not last long.

You would often find it getting discharged quickly and if that’s the case, it may be time to replace your battery. In addition, you may try plugging your charger in and try turning your tablet on and if it starts, then understand that the battery is the one to be blamed and you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.


4- Replace your charger

After making sure that your battery is working fine, it is time to check on the charger. It might be the case that your battery is okay but the charger is not and that is why you are not able to charge it. The problem may lie in the power brick or the cable. It would be easy to detect it if you have an alternative charger to try on and try charging your tablet from it.

Also, if it doesn’t work out, look for your charger’s pin and see if it is bent or broken or if there are any cracks or tears in the cable. To know if the problem is in your cable or the USB port, you can debug the charger and use it separately with some other charger or cable and see if it is working.

Note– If the problem isn’t in the port but in the cable, then you can also try wrapping a piece of electric tape around the crack and see if it works. Although it is not a permanent solution, it may work for a good amount of time until you get a new charger for yourself. 


5- Clean around the charging port

If your device’s battery is working fine and you do not see a crack or damage in your charger too, then before you seek professional help, try cleaning around the charging port as it is the small area that might have become clogged with some particles and due to that, you may not be able to charge the device. To clean it out, you could blow some air into the charging port vacuum and clean it with a help of a piece of cotton cloth. 


6- Uninstall an app 

Okay, so everything was well until the very moment when you install an application. Do you remember which application was it? If you don’t find an issue in anything else and after installing an application or software, you have noticed that your tablet has stopped working, then it is a sign that you should uninstall that application immediately.

But how? Now that your tablet isn’t turning on, you need to first turn on the safe mode and boot it in safe mode. To do that, you need to tap on the app that you wish to uninstall and tap on delete it.

7- Check the solution for the model

Till now, all the options that we have shared were pretty basic and applicable on almost all tablets. But if all of them are tried and aren’t helping you out, then it may be a model-specific issue for your tablet and for that, the very first thing that you need to do is to check your model and manufacturer online and see for its solutions.

Some of the common practices to turn on the tablet irrespective of its model is to hold the power button for almost 20 seconds or plug and un-plugging the cable multiple times until it starts. 


8- Check for the physical damage

One of the things that you must look for is the physical damage on your tablet. At times when you might have dropped the tablet on the floor accidentally or it got hit hard by some sturdy object, its major elements such as screen, charging or circuit board might get hit and because of that, the current may not pass to the battery.

In such circumstances, you will not be able to repair it until you’re an expert and will require technical help from professional ones. However, the possibility of such an issue is comparatively lesser than the others as you would know if that happens.


9- Contact the customer support

If you’re not able to detect the problem till now, you must contact customer support for sure as they will be the ones who can guide you the best in this. For that, you can check the package or the manual where you will find the model name along with the customer support number and from there, you can surely contact the team, let them know about the issue and apply the methods provided by them.


10- Look for the warranty

Although it won’t turn your tablet on, but will for sure help you in a way or two. Check your tablet’s warranty and see if it is still under the warranty and if it is, then you can easily claim free servicing or get a replacement of the same.

However, to figure it out, first ensure that your tablet lies within the criteria and for that, you need to go through the terms and conditions given. 


Wrapping up,

All these methods that we have shared above are not just tried and tested but also verified. You can for sure try them all regardless of the model that you’re currently using. Also, let us know if anything works out for you and if you’re facing an issue while applying any of the points, comment below and we will try to get help asap. 




1- Why my Onn tablet isn’t turning on?

There may be plenty of reasons why your Onn tablet isn’t turning on and to understand it better, go to the depth of the same by reading the methods prescribed above.

2- How long does an Onn tablet last? 

Although it entirely depends on your usage, on average, your Onn tablet will work well for 9 hours on a single charge.

3- Why it is important to boot in a safe mode?

It is vital to boot your device in a safe mode as it will block the third-party apps from running for that period of time and you will get to know if the outside app was the issue. 

4- How to turn on the safe mode?

To turn on the safe mode of your tablet, first ensure that you-

  • Hold the power button and press it for a long.
  • Now hold it and power off the device.
  • A message stating reboot to safe mode will pop up. Tap on ok.
  • Your device will begin to restart and it will go into safe mode.

5- How to turn off the safe mode?

Once you have tried the method, you will want to turn off the safe mode as it is not recommended to use it for very long to perform it, following are the steps to be followed-

  • First, hold the power button and press it.
  • Now click on the restart button.
  • Go to the notification panel and tap on turn off safe mode.
  • Restart your device again.

6- How to factory reset your Onn tablet?

Trying a factory reset when your Onn tablet isn’t turning on is also a method to test and to perform that, you can follow the instructions given in this video. 



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