How to Fix Razer Deathadder Double Click Issue?

How to Fix Razer Deathadder Double Click Issue?

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The double-clicking issue with Razer mice was first reported years ago, the number of instances may have reduced after Razer addressed the issue and fixed it in a firmware update, but still, it remains a big problem for those who use mice like DeathAdder, 2013, Elite, V2, Chroma, and even Razer Naga. This article explains why this problem occurs with Razer mice and how you can fix it by using one of the methods we have covered. 

Reason Behind the Issue

Multiple reasons can cause the double click issue, the most common is software related, but sometimes static charge buildup can be the reason. In some rare cases, faulty mouse switches can also cause the double click issue. Below we have mentioned some methods to fix the problem; trying all of them one by one will hopefully fix the problem. 

Methods to Fix Razer Deathadder Double Click Issue?

We have tried to cover all the methods which usually fix the double click problem on Razer mice. Before you jump to the next section and start following the steps mentioned below the methods, keep in mind, trying just one method may not work; if so, we recommend trying all of them until one of them fixes the issue. 

Method 1) Reset the Mouse

Step 1) Disconnect the mouse from the computer.

Step 2) Press and hold down the Right + Left Mouse Button + Scroll Wheel.

Step 3) While holding down the mouse buttons, connect the mouse to the computer. 

Step 4) After 5 – 10 seconds, release the buttons. This will reset the mouse and hopefully fix the double-click issue.

Method 2) Release the Static Charge Buildup

Sometimes mouse switches get a static charge buildup that can cause the double click issue. To release the charge, you can blow humid air or gently breath into the gap between the button and the mouse. Some people breathe into the gap and think it got fixed because there was dirt on the switches, but in reality, the humidity present in the breath helps in removing the static charge buildup. 

There are antistatic sprays available in the market, but it’s better to blow humid air or breath into the gap gently. Before you try this method, keep in mind that you may have to breathe air from different angles and do it 4-5 times.

Method 3) Update Mouse Firmware 

Gaming mouse firmware is a software program; just like the firmware of other devices like smartphones, it provides important instructions to the mouse. After the double click issue was first recognized, Razer had advised the people who were facing the issue to update the mouse’s firmware. 

Note: We only found DeathAdder 2013 and Chroma’s firmware updater; if you are facing the double click issue on Elite or any other model, try contacting Razer Support.

Step 1) Download DeathAdder 2013 or DeathAdder Chroma Updater on your Windows computer. 

Step 2) Install the Updater and launch it.

Step 3) Follow the on-screen prompts to update the firmware. Keep in mind during the update; the mouse will become unresponsive.

Method 4) Increase Double-Click Speed 

If you have tried all the methods, including troubleshooting like reinstalling Synapse and trying different USB ports and you are still unable to fix the issue. You can change double-click speed from your Windows control panel. This is not a proper solution, it is more like a workaround for the double-click issue, but it does work. 

Step 1) Open the control panel on your Windows computer.

Step 2) Click on the Mouse option.

Step 3) Click on the buttons tab and then use the slider to increase the double click speed. 

Increasing the click speed will prevent the system from registering the false click. If you see the double click problem even after doing this, you may have faulty switches. 


What to Do If Nothing Works?

As mentioned before, if you cannot fix the problem by following the methods mentioned in this guide, the mouse’s Omron switches need to be replaced. If your mouse is still in warranty, you can get a new one from Razer, free of charge, but if it’s not, you will have to replace the switches. You can take the mouse to a repair shop, and they’ll do it for you, or if you know how to solder, you can fix it yourself. 

How to Replace the Switches?

To replace the switches, you will have to disassemble the mouse first. Both Deathadder Elite and Chroma have three screws on the bottom. 

Two screws are hidden behind the rubber feet, and the third screw is behind the product information sticker. 

You can either use a magnet to find the screws and then poke with a screwdriver or remove the rubber feet and the sticker using a knife. Once you find the screws, unscrew them, and you should be able to remove the bottom plate. Now carefully remove the cables connected to the circuit board ports.

The next thing you have to do is, remove the circuit board. There are four screws that you need to unscrew to remove the board. When done, remove the power cable from the board’s circuit port and look for the switches that you need to replace; they have Omron written on top. If you can’t find them, watch the video attached below to figure that out. 

Now, remove the scroll wheel, desolder the switches, and solder the new ones. After that, replace the board screws, plugs and close the shell and replace the main screws. 

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