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The UFC is one of the world’s biggest sports, with millions continuing to watch the biggest fights in the Octagon. While cage fighting might not be the sport for everyone, there is no doubt that it continues to get bigger and bigger each year.

With events regularly being held in locations like Las Vegas and expanding into new markets like London, South America, and the Middle East, the sport continues to increase its global presence, thus making it easier than ever to see the action unfold.

As a result, people are looking for newer ways to watch the events created and put on. Technology has helped to play a pivotal role in enhancing the viewing experiences that we, as audiences, can obtain, with new methods continuing to be created as the tech develops.

We all have a unique way of watching entertainment, such as sporting events unfold, with traditional TVs not always being the method of choice. At the same time, it is still highly popular; many like to use their smartphones, tablets, or even PC/laptop devices to watch the competitive and brutal nature of the UFC.

How to watch the UFC on TV

Perhaps still the main choice for fight fans, watching the UFC on TV is one of the easiest ways to watch the action in the Octagon. With TV monitors coming in a variety of different sizes and with different specifications, several viewing experiences can be obtained depending on the screen type. Nonetheless, colors and imagery from the screen will likely be crystal clear and provide a level of immersion that other devices can not offer, especially if equipped with the right sound system.

To watch the UFC on the TV, you will need one of two things. Most fights are broadcast on cable or network TV. This will usually require a cable box and a subscription. If you have these already, log on to the channel showing the fight and enjoy. If the TV can do so, or you have an output like an Amazon Fire Stick, you could stream it over the internet through the peripheral. This can be a great alternative, but it can also be a little trickier for those who are not tech-savvy.

Smartphones & Tablets

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets have become preferred options for so many in recent years, as they allow viewers to watch the action wherever they are. They can connect to the internet while on the move and watch the in-cage action unfold wherever they want. These devices have also been used to enhance the viewing experience in other ways, as they can be used to place sports bets on the action. With bookmakers continuing to offer UFC odds on the latest and biggest fights, punters can switch to an app or webpage while watching the fight. Some even offer a live stream, meaning both activities can be done simultaneously.

Fans who want to use their smartphone or tablet device to watch the UFC can do so in numerous ways. A dedicated UFC app can be used, or they can potentially access mobile-friendly streams through the web browser provided with their device.


For a long time before technology developed the way it has, the only other means of streaming sports, such as the UFC, was to use a computer or laptop device. Smartphones and tablets were not around or were not as advanced as they are now, while TVs may not always have been possible to use.

Laptops and PCs remain popular with viewers due to their size and power; with bigger screens, it is possible to watch the fighting take place in the Octagon. A computer will usually have the specs required to ensure a seamless viewing experience is possible, too. Users who want to use these devices must find a website that shows the event, which should not be too difficult to achieve.

Which device is best to use?

Ultimately, the choice of device can depend on several factors, such as the scenario being experienced. If you are sitting down in your living room or with friends, it is likely to be best to watch the UFC on a TV screen so everyone can enjoy it. If you are on the move, it is best to watch on a smartphone or tablet, while a laptop/PC can be great if you do not have access to either or want a bigger screen.


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