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Every day, the gaming industry is becoming more and more popular among people of all ages. If earlier it was considered that video games are entertainment for children and teenagers, today the situation has changed markedly. We can confidently say that the gaming industry has captured the whole world, and the Internet space is no exception.

In 2023, no one will be surprised by a large number of gaming influencers: this is absolutely normal. For many users, they have become guides to the world of video games and, for some, the ideal of a great player.

But how did they reach heights?

If you are interested in games so much that you know every character from your favorite game, and the most complex mechanics seem like a simple challenge to you, then you have a great chance of becoming influential. A great desire and love for what you are doing is already a big step on the way to success.

The second is the choice of the site. Most often, gaming enthusiasts choose streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, but that’s not all you need to have. Yes, streaming sites are great to start with, but then you need a more comprehensive development, and this is what Instagram offers.

Insta is rightfully considered one of the best platforms in the world: there is a huge audience and a lot of opportunities for creators. But something has changed over the past few years: if earlier the popularity of influencers was based on followers, today the king is engagement.

Engagement consists of many metrics, but one of the most important is comments. Through them, you can grow your gaming account overnight and become successful in your niche. But how to do it, and what kind of tools are effective? You’ll find the answer to this question in our post today. Keep reading!

1. Using third-party incentive

Let’s face it: becoming popular without outside support is an unreal challenge. That’s why we made this method the first on our list. Buying comments is one of the best, fastest, and cheapest ways, check out the ratio of quantity to price on the website: https://viplikes.net/buy-instagram-comments. The incentives are used by influencers and entrepreneurs from all over the world because it is much cheaper than anything else.

As an example, hiring a specialist to promote a page will cost about $300 per month, while the incentive costs only a couple of dollars. This option is ideal if you still have a small advertising budget or you don’t want to invest a lot of money.

Despite the cheapness, the quality is not worse than using expensive methods. Since the comments are written by real people, they look natural and organic. No one will understand that you used third-party support, not even the platform’s security service.

How to buy safely and legally?

Unfortunately, not all advertising companies are conscientious and decent. Until now, on the Internet, you can find low-quality incentives at a super cheap price that providers offer. Such offers look sweet, but they are absolutely useless and even unsafe in terms of the safety of your page. That’s why we have collected some tips before buying :

  • Analyze the company’s website. A great provider always has an excellent website with clear navigation, clean prices (without additional costs), a high rating, and a lot of feedback. This is how you can distinguish a good advertising company from an unscrupulous one.
  • Compare prices. Another distinctive feature of a high-quality provider is the cost of services. Usually, real advertising companies choose the average cost in the market, this is the best solution for you and for them. Sometimes they may offer discounts for new customers or regular ones, this is normal.
  • Check the customer support service. What are the delivery times? How many comments do you need at the current stage of promotion? Which packages are ideal to start with? You can (and even should) ask these and other questions to the company’s manager in order to understand their customer orientation and clarify the details you are interested in.

If the manager answers all your questions openly, is ready to advise, and gives the right tips, then the company is suitable.

1. Collaborations as a way to improve engagement

IG is a platform for creativity, including the creation of collaborative content. That’s why developers are adding more and more new features for collaborations, and that’s great news. Collaboration in the modern world is one of the keys to successful promotion, and if you include this method in your strategy, you’ll see amazing results.

Depending on your basic concept and idea, you can launch joint live broadcasts, that is, invite a guest, create collab posts, or even challenge in stories. But before choosing one of the formats, you need a game influencer. If you started recently, then first, it is better to look at less well-known bloggers (no more than 10k followers). They may be more interested in cooperation than more popular influencers.

If you already have a large audience and good engagement, then you can choose a well-known blogger. Keep in mind that collaborations should be beneficial for both sides. Otherwise, the influencer may find the collaboration unprofitable for himself, and then you’ll have to pay for advertising.

2. Creating Reels

The IG king in 2023 certainly is Reels. The format of short videos has become like a virus among users of the platform. Today, everyone watches them for several tens of minutes a day. In turn, influential people create and promote their pages using video marketing.

The best thing is that it doesn’t matter how many subscribers or likes you have right now. Algorithms promote clips that seem interesting to users (if they watched them to the end), so the main thing is to create an engaging video. Through them, you’ll definitely attract a new audience and subsequently receive comments that positively affect engagement and statistics in general.

As a gaming influence, you can shoot a bunch of interesting content: clips from streams, funny moments, news from the world of the gaming industry, etc. Try it!


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