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Several iPhone users are reporting keyboard autocorrect issues, making the feature more problematic than helpful. Nonetheless, these issues are expected to end in iOS 17, which Apple promises to employ a more intelligent AI tech to learn users’ typing behavior and vocabulary.

Different users iPhone users voiced their complaints over the keyboard autocorrect issues on Reddit recently. One user said, “It’s been getting worse and worse,” resulting in strange word suggestions they would never expect.

“The biggest frustration is when you type something correctly, autocorrect comes in and ‘fixes’ it, you backspace and retype it, and the damn autocorrect comes in and does the same damn thing again,” a user shared.

“I feel like it’s constantly changing things I type correctly to something that makes zero sense,” another user said. “An example, I typed office chair earlier and it autocorrected it to ‘of gift chair’…. and that’s just on my phone. Typing on my iPad is basically impossible without making like 10 corrections per sentence. I can’t wait for their supposed improvements.”

Others said this issue pushed them to turn off the feature or use other keyboards like Google’s Gboard or Microsoft’s SwiftKey. Meanwhile, others reported trying the iOS 17 beta, claiming the issue has been fixed in the update despite still being in the test phase.

“…iOS 17 completely overhauls the autocorrect system and it’s actually good,” said one iOS 17 beta tester. “It learns faster, can unlearn quickly, is significantly smarter, understands at a sentence level (uses context), knows when not to correct, and is overall great. When I got iOS 17, I decided to just wipe my keyboard history and let it learn from scratch to rid it of old incorrect words and it’s been so much better ever since.”

According to Apple, the keyboard’s autocorrect is one of the sections in iOS that will be getting huge improvements in the upcoming update in September. As the company noted, autocorrected words would be temporarily underlined in iOS 17, allowing users to easily spot the altered words and change them back with just a tap if needed. Moreover, Apple claimed autocorrection in iOS 17 would let users personalize the autocorrect system by training it using on-device machine learning (ML). This means your keyboard should learn your typing behavior, preventing it from suggesting unnecessary words like “ducking” when you want to cuss.

Some testers said this is already noticeable in iOS 17, while others claim autocorrect is still far from perfect in the update. iPhone users should soon be able to confirm this once the update officially releases in September. Nonetheless, interested iOS users can already try it in the public beta version of iOS 17, though it is important to note that it also comes with some bugs.

Are you already in the iOS 17 beta? Let us know your autocorrect experience in the comment section!


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