[Fixed] iPhone Voicemail Icon Disappeared

[Fixed] iPhone Voicemail Icon Disappeared
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Modern iPhone users frequently whine about the mysterious disappearance of their voicemail icon on iPhone.

If you are facing the same issue, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have discussed a few effective ways you can employ to fix and bring back your iPhone Voicemail.

Additionally, we have also discussed how to fix your iPhone Voicemail if it isn’t working properly.

Let’s begin!


Method 1: Try Airplane Mode – Switch It On and Then Off

Turning on and off airplane mode may solve the voicemail problem because it is likely related to a faulty network. Smartphone owners have relied on this workaround for network problems frequently. If you want to know the secret, keep reading:

Just go to your device’s settings menu and toggle Airplane Mode on.

After a little pause, please retry accessing Visual Voicemail. However, before doing so, it is recommended that you launch a page in Safari or another browser to check if your network is operating correctly already; only then will you be able to pinpoint the exact location of the issue.

Method 2: Try Resetting Your Network Settings

You might try resetting the network settings if the voicemail icon on your iPhone has disappeared.

You may have the wrong network settings on your iPhone, which would be the root cause of your issue. Resetting the network essentially restores everything to its default factory settings. This will allow you to undo any changes you may have made inadvertently and may resolve your voicemail problems.

In case the first strategy doesn’t work, you can try this one. This allows you to return your iPhone’s network settings to their original factory defaults. But you should know that doing so would also delete the Wi-Fi passwords. If you haven’t entered your passwords manually in a while and you’re afraid you’ll forget them, write them down. Changing your network’s defaults is as easy as following the steps below:

For resetting the network setting, follow these steps:

Go to Settings menu > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Method 3: Install the Most Recent Version of the iOS

An old version of iOS may be the blame for your iPhone’s voicemail symbol being away.

Phones might lose functionality after receiving upgrades from some manufacturers, who are notorious for releasing updates riddled with bugs. This can cause issues with the operation of multiple system components. And the voicemail problem is just one of the problems that could arise from faulty updates.

In most cases, Apple promptly issues a software update to address the issues. If you aren’t near a WiFi connection and you haven’t charged your phone overnight, you may need to perform the update manually.

  • Bring up the system preferences menu.
  • Select Preferences and then Update Software.
  • Watch as the computer looks for updates.
  • If you can find a new version, tap “Download and Install”.
  • Please be patient while the download finishes.
  • Tap the Install button once the download is complete, and then wait for the installation to finish.

Method 4: Restart iPhone

The most efficient and straightforward way to get the voicemail icon back on an iPhone 11, 12, or 13 is to restart the device.

Restarting the iPhone is a typical fix whenever there are errors in complicated, lengthy operations.

Method 5: If Visual Voicemail is Not Working, Try Reinstalling Your iOS

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 15/14/13/12/11, you may find that Visual Voicemail is presently inaccessible. Try not to fret. iOS 13 and the iPhone no longer support Visual Voicemail. Rarely do users of recently upgraded iPhones notice that Visual Voicemail is disappeared.

If you’ve already tried those solutions and the issue persists on iOS, it may be a bug in the operating system. As long as Apple is still signing iOS versions, we recommend reinstalling iOS or going back to an earlier version.

ReiBoot is a piece of software designed to repair iOS systems by reinstalling iOS in the event of a malfunction. In addition, it allows you to revert to an earlier version of iOS without losing any of your information in the process. If your iPhone is having system-related problems—it won’t switch on, the screen is blank, your iPhone has crashed, etc.—download this free system repair program and use it to restore your

Method 6: Ensure that You Insert the SIM Card Correctly

If you’re one of the unhappy few whose iPhone’s voicemail symbol has mysteriously disappeared, try these steps first.

To clarify, Apple does not supply the voicemail service for your phone but rather your carrier. That’s why occasionally the voicemail symbol in the Phone app won’t show up: it’s because your SIM card isn’t allowing it to. Not seeing the voicemail symbol on your Android device is possible if there is a problem with your SIM card or mobile service provider.

You should check that your SIM card was inserted correctly before doing anything else.

  • Locate your SIM ejector tool.
  • Use the instrument to remove the SIM card from your phone.
  • Replace the SIM card and see whether you’re able to access voicemail.


My Voicemail Isn’t Functioning – How Can I Fix It?

If your voicemail is faulty, you might lose your crucial messages. The only way to tell if an important call comes through in this day of constant spam is to let it go to voicemail.

If your iPhone’s Voicemail app isn’t working properly or you aren’t getting voicemails, there are a few things you may try to fix. You may stop worrying about missing important texts on your iPhone by using one of the solutions below:

1. Delete All of Your Voicemails

If your voicemail inbox is filled, you may cease receiving messages until you empty it. Even though most new iPhones have a ton of storage space, voicemail inboxes fill up quickly. And especially if you’re constantly bombarded by unwanted telemarketing calls.

Delete the older voicemails to create free space for new ones using the Phone app’s voicemail feature. To delete unwanted voicemails, tap Edit at the top right corner of the screen. After making your selection, choose Delete from the menu’s bottom right. You will be able to hear the voicemails once you follow these steps.

2. Check the App Store for the Carrier Setting’s New Version

Carrier settings may require upgrading, but few people know this. This isn’t something that happens often, but when it does, it signifies that updating will resolve numerous carrier issues. Updating your carrier settings can also fix your problem, and you will start receiving voicemails again.

Changing your carrier settings is a breeze, which is good news. Just go to Settings, then tap on General. After that, tap on About. If the carrier requests an update, you can do it. If there isn’t any update, only the carrier’s details will get shown on the screen.

3. Restart Your Cellular Service

Voicemail issues can often get resolved by simply restarting the mobile network. If your voicemails are taking too long to download, take note of it. Getting voicemail messages many hours after you have missed the call from that number is a big tell that it’s all because of your faulty mobile network. Restarting your cellular service will instantly resolve the problem.

To achieve this, try switching off your phone and then turning it back on. Or toggle between the airplane and regular mode. After this, try calling your phone from a different device to hear your voicemail and see whether it’s working properly again. Assuming you were able to get a voicemail, the issue is now resolved.

4. Make Sure Cellular Data Is On

In most cases, your voicemails have access to mobile data. Since voicemail is a service provided by your carrier, it is imperative that you are connected to data in order to receive voicemails. Visual Voicemail won’t work without access to a mobile data connection. A voicemail can be read here instead than listened to.

It’s possible that turning on data will fix your voicemail if it’s not already working. To activate Cellular Data, go to the device’s “Settings” menu, then “Cellular.” There are ways to limit data usage while still receiving voicemails, even if you have a limited data plan.

5. Turn the Wi-Fi Calling On

It’s likely that your voicemails are taking a long time to download to your smartphone since you live in an area with a weak connection. The phone may not ring, but you will still receive a warning that a call has been missed if your connection is weak. If you’re facing this problem, try to switch Wi-Fi calling on your mobile phone. Once you try it, you will be able to improve your connection. As a result, it will increase the download speed. The quality of your calls and the frequency with which they are dropped will both improve thanks to this.

To turn on Wi-Fi calling, go to the Settings menu. Tap on the Phone option and then Wi-Fi Calling. If you do this, you can make and receive calls over Wi-Fi whenever your device is in range. Enabling it is a good idea because it doesn’t cost anything.

6. Check If the Call Forwarding is Turned Off

If you have enabled Call Forwarding on your number, your calls get directed to another number. By default, the call forwarding option is disabled. But sometimes, it can get accidentally enabled if you often fiddle with phone settings. If that’s the case, you won’t get voicemails.

To deactivate it, move over to your phone’s Settings, then choose Phone. Tap on Call Forwarding and then select Disable. If you can’t find the Call Forwarding option in your Phone’s Settings, your carrier has already disabled it, or it’s unavailable on your phone.

7. Try Resetting Your Network Settings

Another method to fix the missing voicemail icon issue is resetting your phone’s network settings. Mostly, it will work wonders if other methods don’t resolve your missing voicemail icon issue. It’s also a handy fix if you have other network-related concerns.

To reset your mobile’s network:

  • Open your phone’s Settings App
  • Now, head over to General
  • Tap on Transfer or Reset, and then select Reset
  • Choose “Reset Network Settings” from the menu

Don’t worry. You will not lose your data if you reset your network settings.

8. Try Dialling Your Voicemail Number

You might not know, but you can access your voicemail even without Visual Voicemail or the phone app. So, if none of the above fixes is working for you, try the default method to check your voicemail.

It’s possible to check your voicemail via your carrier. You only need to dial your phone number to access your voicemails. Once you call, they will ask you to enter your password and press the Pound key. If you don’t remember your password, you can try entering the last four digits of your phone number as your password and see if it works.

Are you still not able to retrieve your voicemail? Get in touch with your service provider and ask them to reset your voicemail password. You can also call your carrier for further assistance if the above fixes didn’t work for you.


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