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A new survey by the South Korean research company Gallup Korea Research Institute (via Korea Herald) shows that Apple’s iPhone is the top choice among young Koreans aged 18 to 29.

Gallup Korea iPhone versus Samsung survey
Image Credit: Gallup via Korea Herald

According to the report, the survey was conducted on 1,001 adults. And although the general summary of the research revealed that 69% of adult South Korean smartphone users prefer Samsung, Apple dominated the younger generation. The Gallup research notes that 65% of 18 to 29-year-old users prefer iPhones. The same preference was expressed by over 40% of 30 to 39-year-old adults surveyed in the research.

According to the research analysis, Apple’s premium branding is one of the factors attracting young users from patronizing the American phone brand. The recent services like Apple Pay that Apple rolled out to the country also reportedly contributed to this gain.

Unfortunately for Apple, improving the number could be challenging, with 85% of the respondents saying they would rather keep their current own smartphone brand: Samsung. And given that Samsung is a South Korean brand favored by most age groups in the country, reversing this preference will be a huge journey for Apple. As shown by the survey results, Samsung is the consistent choice by older Koreans. And although Apple managed to snatch the hearts of over 40% of 30 to 39-year-old Korean users, it remains an underdog in the age groups beyond that.

Gallup’s research findings reflect the current data of Statcounter, showing that Samsung remains the top smartphone vendor in the country. As per its June 2023 data, Samsung is leading the race at 63.08% share. Meanwhile, despite its continuous marketing efforts (and even a recent music video ad it created with South Korean girl group NewJeans), Apple only owns only half of that number at 31.9%. 


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